Nelson's 2nd Visit
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The last time that I was in the school's clinic I had a very interesting experience with Dr. Phingerphuck. He examined me and used a bunch of different instruments that I had never seen before, some of which went up my butt. It was a little awkward at first, considering that my ass was a virgin. However, it felt great and the doc asked me to come back for a follow up appointment. I called the clinic and a couple days later they were able to get me in. When I arrived the nurse took me straight back to a room where she had me wait for the doc. It took a while, but finally he came in and remembered me. I wondered if every patient that came into the clinic received something close to the treatment I received. Dr. Phingerphuck wanted to start out by making sure that my heart was ok, by running some tests. The first thing that he wanted me to do was loose my shirt, so that he could listen to my heart and lungs. I don't smoke and the doctor seemed impressed by that. Moving on he told me that he needed to take some measurements, but in order to do them I needed to strip off the rest of my clothes. Getting down to my underwear he stopped me for a second and then while I was standing felt my nipples. My nipples I discovered are very sensitive, so they get me turned on quickly. The doctor then felt around my underwear, before telling me to take them off. To start out he had me turn away from him and he I could feel him touching my butt in several different places. Turning back around he wanted to measure my cock, and in doing so told me that I am 5" soft. Putting on his glasses the doc examined my balls closely, and asked me when I got off last. It was the last time I was in the clinic which was three days ago. Stroking my dick in a very relaxed and professional manor, I knew that he was trying to get me hard for the other measurement that he wanted. My cock was 8 inches long and 5 and a half inches around hard, and I had never measured my cock before so it will be great to brag about. Dr. Phingerphuck wanted to do some electro work on my penis, and to start he had to add some lubricant to my dick. After applying it, he then had to attach the electrodes to my dick. Turning the machine on I started to feel like my dick was pulsating inside, and I begged the doctor to keep turning it up. It felt great! I was starting to wish that I could get one of these for home. Trying something else, the doc stuck his finger up my butt all the way and started to finger me while the machine was going. The doc was finger fucking me. He wanted to try something else on me, to continue the exam. Putting some kind of plug in my ass he hooked it up to the machine and that too was sending me the pulsating shocks. The machine was turned up all the way for my pleasure. Screaming from the surprise of the shocks, I was being very load with my screams and moans. Dr. Phingerphuck jerked me off really fast, and I knew that I was really close to getting off. I begged him to just keep going and not to stop. Exploding my load all over my stomach, I came my biggest load yet. It went all over my lower stomach. After that I was tired and worn out, but the doctor reminded me that we still had to get the plug out of my ass. He did so very gently, but without a hard on I was a little shocked at the pain that I felt as he pulled it out. The doc took a sample of my cum, and told me that I am a great patient. He would like to have me come back, and would see what he could do about scheduling me for another appointment. I look forward to going back real soon.

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