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I saw that the local school's clinic was running an ad to go and have an endurance test done. When I should up to the clinic I had to fill out all this info about me and my habits. As soon as I was done I handed it over to the nurse who took me back to an exam room. A doctor came in and introduced himself as Dr. Phingerphuck, and that he would be the one seeing me today. To start everything off he had me take off my shirt, so that he could listen to my heart and lungs. In doing so, he said that everything sounded fine. The doc then took my blood pressure before he could really begin any of the endurance tests. Palpating my chest and stomach he looked for any tender areas that I might have had. On my right side I had gotten hit by a soccer ball at practice. Moving down south, the doctor's hands were feeling around my waist band, and he tickled me a couple of times. Dr. Phingerphuck asked me to pull down my pants, so that he could continue the exam. Stripping off my jeans, I returned to sitting on the table while the doc put on his rubber gloves. Hearing the latex snap against his skin was a little scary, but I trusted him. He was a doctor! Feeling around my groan area he was looking for any tender areas, but after a little while my underwear was getting in his way. Stripping them off I was completely naked with the doctor. I had to do the famous, "turn your head and cough" routine that they always ask you to do for a physical. The doc kept feeling around my dick, and the more he did it I was getting hard. Since the test was going to raise my blood pressure, he wanted to take my temperature. In order to do that he had me get into a doggie position on the table. Instructing me to breathe he slide the thermometer into my asshole. While he was waiting to take his reading he felt my balls and rubbed my butt. I have never had anything up my ass until the doctor had taken my temperature. Then, he told me that he wanted to start out slow with giving me a prostate exam to get me use to having something in my ass. It made me a little nervous, because I didn't know how it was going to feel. Applying some jelly to his finger, he started to push it in my ass. Once it was in he started to move it around, and it didn't feel too bad. After a while he applied some more jelly to make me more comfortable, before he put his finger back in. I was so tight that he started to slip my ass and wiggle his finger around at the same time. Getting into another position he had me up more on my knees, and told me not to stop breathing. I felt this larger device behind me against my hole, and he started to push it in. I felt some pressure and awkwardness at the same time starting out, and I knew that I was moaning after a while. The doctor wanted me to change positions one more time, and put my feet up in some stirrups. Laying there on my back, he gave me a little bite of anesthesia to make me relax. My dick was rock hard, and I knew that he was going to want to get some cum out of me. Pushing another object up my ass, he did so while jerking me off. Dr. Phingerphuck's hand was getting tired, so I took over the jerking, while he played with my butt. I told him that I was about to blow my load, and he squeezed my nipples a couple of times. I came a huge load up my chest from all the jacking off that I had done. The doctor was impressed by its size, but what sent me into some shock was him pulling out the object from my ass. He told me to get cleaned up, and that he would like me to schedule another appointment to come back in for some more testing.

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