Mike & Kyle Continued
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Just as Kyle and I were getting our clothes on from messing around in the exam room Dr. James walked in on us. He caught us literally with our pants down in just our briefs, and was wondering what we had been up to. We just said that we were waiting for him to finally come in, and he just laughed about it. Both of us told him why we had came in, and my excuse was that I wanted my test results back from the last time. Kyle wanted to find out what was going on with the rash on his chest. Dr. James moved in closer to Kyle's chest to take a deeper look and found that it was really irritated. Kyle had just been applying some Neosporin to make the rash feel better. Kyle said that he had been climbing on some trees and after a couple of days the rash appeared. Before the doc was going to give us our results back, he said that he wanted us to perform an endurance test. The doc said that he wanted us to suck his dick for a while to see how well we could do. As his scrubs hit the floor, Kyle fell to his knees and went for the dick. I stood back to watch to see just how much Kyle could take in his mouth. After a minute or so, I jumped right in there to give it a shot myself. Dr. James grabbed the back of our heads and moaned showing that he was enjoying it. The doc had a huge, giant, monster cock that he loved to jam down our throats to hear us gag. I would have to place myself to come up for air, because my lungs were starting to hurt a little bit. After a while he wanted us to try something else, so he stopped us and said that we would be moving on to some fucking. My face went a little white, because it had been a while for me since the first time that I ever got fucked. The nerves were starting to hit me. Luckily, Dr. James chose Kyle to go first. Let me tell you that Kyle was a champ; he climbed up on that table, throwing his legs up against Dr. James's chest. I think that Dr. James was a little too quick to poke his dick in Kyle's hole. Because, right about the first inch of the doc's cock sent Kyle into shock. To tried and take his mind off of it by playing with his nipples a little bit to make him focus on me and not the giant dick in his ass. At one point Kyle started biting down on my shoulder to hide the pain, and while it was a turn on for me. Looking down the doc saw how turned on I was. Dr. James asked me if I wanted a chance at fucking Kyle, and I took it. One reason was that my cock was a little bit smaller than the docs, and two I wanted to get off a lot faster and that was going to happen with some fucking. Kyle's asshole was very tight, but also very easy to fuck at the same time. It was easy for me to pound the hell out of him like the doc, because it was a turn on to listen to him moan and breathe really hard. I fucked him for a while, but could tell that I was getting close to getting off. Dr. James told me that he might want to collect a sample. I pulled out and started to jerk off and we formed a little circle jerk party. As we "beat our meat" everyone was trying to get off as fast as they could. I had a little false orgasm where just some precum came out, but it didn't take very long for the real deal to happen. I came a massive load all over Kyle's cock and balls. As my load hit him, he let out some moans as the bursts of cum touched his skin. Dr. James wasn't far behind me blowing his load all over Kyle's chest covering him in cum. All the pressure moved to Kyle and him getting off. I think that he just wanted to be covered from head to toe in cum first before he was going to finish. He jerked off squeezing his dick tightly for a minute, and then his cock turned into a cum squirt gun. It figured several shots up his chest, and the doc was very impressed. Dr. James told us to come back and visit him anytime, but that we were cleared, and our results were fine.

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