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I was in a wrestling meet and I did something to my back that was causing me some pain. I blow it off thinking that maybe it would just go away with some time, but when I went to practice later in the week it was still acting up. Coach sent me to the school's clinic to see if they could make the pain go away. The clinic was able to get me in right away to see Dr. James. I explain to him what was going on, and he said that he would take care of it. Lowering down my leotard, the doctor listened to my heart to make sure that everything was ok. Then, he took my blood pressure and told me that I was within normal range. He palpated my lower stomach and his hands were a little cold to touch. Dr. James requested for me to strip down to my underwear and then he took my temperature rectally for the most accurate number. Nothing was standing out to the doctor right away, so he wanted to do some electroshock therapy to see if that would get the muscles to relax. Dr. James applied some jelly to my back and then put on some gloves to begin the procedure. As the doctor started to shock my muscles it felt very weird, and he told me to just go along with it. Messing around with the stages and levels, he was able to get the pain to lessen and everything felt a little better. Dr. James wanted to try it a little lower on his body, and it made my ass jiggle. It was weird, and really I just wanted the doctor to quit, but he wouldn't. Then, Dr. James reached down and started to play with my cock and balls. When he did that my mind was taken off what was going on in the room and then my cock got huge. My cock was raging and I couldn't help but moan with pure pleasure from all the work the doctor was doing on me. Dr. James had me turn around and take a seat on the table. That is when he placed the pads on my thighs and turned the device on. He stroked my cock for a bit and then he lowered his mouth down to my dick. He began to give me head, and he was a very skilled doctor. I pushed my hips towards his mouth and he played with my balls. He pulled away from my dick and told me that he thought that he would be able to get me off. Adjusting my legs to be on the table the doctor grabbed some lube and got ready to stroke my cock. His grip was pretty tight on my dick, but I know that it wasn't going to take much more to get me off. My legs were going crazy and I knew that I was about to cum. I let out a warning to the doctor, and he told me to go ahead. I came on his hand, and on myself. My back felt so much better after that doctor's visit and he told me to come back any time that my back acts up. I just might have to take the doctor up on that.

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