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My coach saw my report from Dr. James, and he wanted me to go back for a more detailed examination. To make sure that it was done right, coach came along with me to my appointment. Nurse Cindy took us back to the room when we got there to wait for Dr. James to come in. The doctor and coach made some small talk, and then they got the exam underway. I stripped off my shirt, and Dr. James took a listen to my heart and then got my pulse. The coach gave me a lecture about not working out enough, and that I needed to be spending more time in the gym. Taking off my shorts, Dr. James tested for any tenderness. He felt around my package a little bit, before having me turn over to take my temperature. As I took a seat on the table the doctor started to touch me a little bit more, and my cock was getting hard. Coach had called me a pervert, but something bulging in his pants told me that he liked everything he was seeing as well. As Dr. James sucked on my cock, I reached over to play with Coach's cock. I pulled it out of his workout pants and revealed that he was just as hard. Dr. James lifted up his mouth from my cock and asked Coach if he wanted a turn at it. Taking a hold of my cock, he lowered his mouth down to my dick. After comparing the two right away on who gave better head, I would have to say that it would be Dr. James. But, if I could have a chance to fuck coach in the ass, I would jump on that. Coach asked me if I ever had blown his whistle before, and I said no. That is when he hopped up on the chair next to me and shoved his cock in my face. Starting to suck on it I was trying to use everything that I had learned from my last doctor's visit. The two of them lowered the table down to make it flat and started to get me a little more comfortable. Moving to the edge of the table, Dr. James pushed my legs up in the air to start to use his tongue on my tight ass. As his tongue pierced my hole, a burst of excitement filled my body. I moaned, but tried not to sound to girly in letting them know I liked it. Dr. James asked Coach if he was ready to fuck me, and that got me freaked out. I told them no way, and Coach said that if I didn't do it, than I wasn't getting on the swim team. Dr. James stuck his finger in my ass to try and get me to loosen up in order to get fucked. He fingered me for a few minutes, before he put on a condom and ordered me to lay back. Pushing his cock in slowly he placed his cock in and I felt pain as he pushed all the way in. It felt very weird having a cock in my ass for the first time, and he started to build up to a steady motion. Coach stood to my side slapping his cock on me, and I went back to giving him head to take my mind off of the huge cock in my ass. Dr. James started to go faster fucking me, and my cock grew harder with time, as I relaxed and enjoyed it. Then, Coach wanted a shot at getting behind me, and he commented on how tight I was. Once he was in, he started to thrust in to get me to relax. Coach was able to take his hand off his cock and placed fucked me. Picking up my feet he put his cock all the way in, and out. The guys decided that they wanted to get off, and jerked off around me. Everyone stroked with concentration, and Dr. James was the first one to say that he was going to blow his load. He came on my stomach, and the warm fluid hit my skin it shocked me. Coach wanted his turn next and took the place where doc had been standing on a ladder to shot higher up on my chest. He did so, and came a lot bigger load than the doctor. The two of them watched and waited for me to get off. I came my load all over my hand and the two of them cheered me on. I look forward to messing around with coach to keep the lead position on the team.

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