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My name is Calvin and I had an interesting experience the last time I went in for a doctor's physical. I was required to get one to join the school's swim time, and the coach sent me to the school's clinic along with one of my teammates C.J. He was new as well, and so we just walked over to the school's clinic together. We didn't talk much on our way over there, because we just didn't really know each other. All I knew was that he was one of those guys that seemed like he could kick the shit out of anyone that he wanted to. Nurse Cindy had us take a seat in the waiting area after we finished filling out paperwork, until the doctor called us back. Both of us grabbed a magazine and waited. From another room we heard a voice yell out to send in the next patient, and that is when Cindy sent us into the room. When we walked into the room Dr. James introduced himself, and then asked who wanted to go first. CJ jumped at the chance to go first to get it over with, and he hopped up onto the exam table. I took a seat in the chair next to them, and the doctor began the physical. Dr. James listened to CJ's heart and lungs, and he asked him if he ever smoked. The doctor wanted to get his temperature, and to do that he wanted to take it rectally. Climbing off the table to remove his shorts, CJ got back up onto the table. This was the first time that I had really been this close to CJ while he was naked. It was a little weird just looking over and seeing his hot, naked body on the table, and especially with his cock dangling down like it was. The doctor inserted the thermometer into his ass, and held it there for a moment. Dr. James made a comment that swimmers have nice asses, and I thought that was a little odd to come out of the doctor's mouth. Turning back over and taking a seat on the exam table, Dr. James continued on with the exam. He reached down and started to touch around CJ's cock and balls to make sure that everything was ok. The doctor said that he wanted to perform an endurance test on patients to make sure that they're fully functional. Lowering his head down to CJ's cock, the doctor took the limp cock into his mouth. Starting out slowly, I think that both CJ and I were a little shocked about what was going on in the room. My cock was starting to grow watching this go on, and I didn't want them to really notice so I reached down in my trunks to adjust it. As the doctor continued, CJ had mentioned that it felt good and I didn't know that he was into the guy thing. It looked like the doctor was pretty good at giving head, and CJ started to moan. The doctor lifted up his head and asked me to take a turn on it. I bent down taking CJ's ragging boner in my mouth, and began to slid my mouth up and down on it. CJ didn't seem to have a problem with what was going on at all, and that was probably the biggest shocker to me out of all. Giving him head he started to moan for me doing it, and the doctor licked his balls. Laying back CJ had put his hands behind his head and just enjoyed. The doctor and I went back and forth for a while giving him head. Feeling CJ's hand touch the top of my head, he mentioned that he didn't think that we should talk about what we were doing with the rest of the team. However, he said that they might be missing out on something. The doctor continued to give head to CJ for a while, and then stopped to tell him that now he wanted a sperm sample. Starting to stroke his cock very hard with his hand, I didn't figure that it would be very long before CJ would blow his load. After a short time of jerking off, CJ reached over and pulled down my shorts to get at my limp cock. He started to stroke my cock at the same time he was getting pleasured. The doctor even started to finger CJ a little bit, and I could tell that CJ liked it. After a while of the doctor really concentrating on jerking CJ off, CJ started to breathe really hard and he looked down at his cock. Explosion's of cum burst out of CJ all over himself and on Dr. James hand. Next, was my turn to hop up on the exam table, so that he could begin the same exam on me. Dr. James listened to my heart for a while, and then palpated for any tenderness. Taking off my uniform, the doctor said that he was going to do the same endurance test. Bending forward he took my limp cock in his mouth and started sucking. It was a little weird to have the doctor going down on me. CJ reached over and started playing with my nipples and my balls. Before I knew it, he also started to kiss and lick my balls. Once my cock was hard, then the doctor asked CJ to return the favor by giving me head. The hottest boy on the swim team was sucking my dick. It was so hot to think about, however to be really honest he wasn't very good. I could tell that he had never given head before, but that wasn't going to make me stop him. The doctor and him gave my cock some much needed attention for a while. Dr. James stroked me off forever, with lube on my cock. Once I was able to feel like an orgasm was coming, I started to breath out loud really heavy. Dr. James's hand was full of cum once more. Trading places Dr. James wanted to receive his turn on the table as well, and he took a seat on the exam table. CJ and I helped him strip off his clothes before leaning over and starting to lick and suck on his cock and balls. Dr. James loved every moment of it! He was grabbing my ass, while CJ was sucking his cock. We both kind of tried to jerk him off together, and it only seemed like a short time. The doctor let out a warning that he was about to blow his load. After he came, his load went all over his chest and stomach. He said that we passed with flying colors and looked forward to seeing us next year.

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