Cameron - Part 2
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The doctor kept us going and he wanted a chance to climb up on the table to get serviced. Stripping off his clothes, the Dr. James climbed up on the table and had us start to touch and lick his body. I decided that I would just go for his cock first, and gave him head. Intern Michael just watched me for a bit. Although the doctor didn't go long, before switching us up. I knew that he was taking a liking to me, from the way that he had been looking and touching me. As I was giving him head, he played with my cock to try and get me hard again. Back and forth we went to giving his cock some much needed attention. The doc played with my nipples, and I liked it. Pausing for a second Dr. James told me that he wanted me to put on a condom to fuck him in the ass. As I got a condom from the drawer, my dick started to go down. I was having trouble getting the condom, but the doctor didn't want to embarrass me, so he got down on his knees and did it for me. Moving back over to the exam table we talked, and he wanted to be on his back to start to be able to watch me fuck him. Starting out slowly I pushed my cock in the doctor's very tight ass. Once I was in, he said that I could go a little faster once we added a little bit more lube. Moving my hips as quickly as I could, I wanted to fuck him good to make him remember me from all his other patients. Stroking his cock, the doctor moaned for more. My legs were starting to hurt from standing the way I was, but the doctor didn't want me to stop. I lost my boner for a second, and had to get hard again. Once I was able to get going again I stood up and Michael jerked Dr. James off at the same time. Dr. James actually tried to let the intern take a shot at his ass, but Michael wasn't having any of it. I didn't say anything to him, but the doctor tried to talk him into it. After a moment of silence the doctor had me start to fuck him again. I got back inside Dr. James with my monster cock, and the doctor wanted to change to a new position. Bending forward over the exam table, I plowed his ass a lot harder. The more I heard him moan, the more I wanted to keep going. As we were going, Dr. James told Michael to go ahead and fuck him. Michael got pissed off, and walked out on the job. Dr. James explained that he would loose his internship if he did that. I told the doctor that I would continue if he wanted, and he told me to keep going. I fucked him for a while before I started to get close to having an orgasm. Pulling out, I jerked my cock off behind him, knowing that I was close to blowing my load. As I stroked my cock, my balls rubbed against his back, and I jerked faster. I moaned load to let him know that I was cumming. When I came my load went all over his back and on my hand. Dr. James climbed up on the table and stroked his cock to get off. I didn't really know how to really help him, but I played with his balls in the hopes that would turn him on. As he got closer to having his orgasm he held his breath for longer periods of time, and finally blow his load all up his check. He actually got it all the way up on his neck. We both got some rags and cleaned up after the huge mess that we had made. The doctor invited me back to his clinic anytime that I wanted an exam.

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