Danny & Dustin
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My buddy Dustin and I are on our college's baseball team and every year it is the school's policy that every player has to have a physical done to make sure that they're in good health. When I showed up to the first practice of my second season, coach ordered me to go to the school's clinic along with Dustin for our physicals. We walked over to the clinic that was across campus from the baseball field. The main nurse that runs the office part of the clinic took our information and told us to wait in the chairs for our names to be called. Calling our names, they ended up putting Dustin and I in the same room which I thought was a little odd. Sitting in the exam room, I sat on the exam table when Dr. James walked in and he asked why we came in. Dr. James started my physical first by asking me some general questions and then he took my pulse. I liked Dr. James from the start because he was very personable, and friendly. He asked me to take off my shirt, and he listened to my heart and lungs in a couple different places. When he started to feel different parts of my body for any kind of tenderness. I was told that I had to take off my pants, so I dropped them to my ankles. I was left sitting there in my jock strap, but Dr. James continued the examination. He felt around, and ended up pulling down my underwear to get to my privates. Stripping off the underwear, I laid back trying to think of other things as the doctor was playing with my dick. In my head I just wondered how long he was going to go on touching my balls. Testing my reflexes, Dr. James bent down and took my dick in his mouth. Both Dustin and I were shocked by what he was doing, and Dr. James said that it was all part of the exam. Now, I will admit that since I came down to the school, I haven't had much sex lately. Having a mouth on my cock felt good, no matter who was doing it. The doc paused for a moment, and commented on my dick getting hard. He asked if Dustin wouldn't mind giving me a hand, and he said YES! What the hell? One of the most macho guys on the team was giving me a blow job, and liking it too. I made sure that I told him that I liked it, and that I wanted him to keep going. He paused to catch his breath, and the doctor continued to give me head. The two of them licked my dick, before Dustin started to watch everything and play with his dick. Asking for a sample, Dr. James stroked with my dick, and as Dustin stood next to me. Reaching over, I started to undo his pants, and as my hand reached inside his underwear, he was getting very turned on. Stripping off his shirt, Dustin bared his chest for me, and he was in great shape. I played with his dick, and he told me looking at my face that he didn't want me telling anybody else on the team. Climbing up on a chair, Dustin put his cock in my face, and I started to suck it. I was sucking cock, for the first time, and it wasn't bad. Dustin liked it, because he placed my face down further. Dustin would thrust his cock into my face and want it to go deeper. Dr. James ordered Dustin to get down and suck my dick some more. Dustin was on his knees, and doc played with his cock and rubbed his ass as well. After a while, it was my turn to pay back, so I dropped to my knees in front of Dustin, and started to suck his dick some more. I only had to go for a while, before he pulled me up, and standing next to each other we were rubbing each other's body. Leaning in we started to lock lips, and kiss. I was kissing a guy. Dustin was a good kisser and didn't go too overboard with his tongue. I mean here I was making out with a really hot guy, and a doctor was sucking our dicks. This was one weird moment that I am sure to remember the rest of my life. Both of them stood next to me, and I will admit that it takes me a while to get off. When I did, I came shooting my load right in front of me on the floor. After that, Dr. James ordered Dustin to get up on the exam table. Jerking him off, kissing, and rubbing his body Dustin got even more turned on. We went back to standing next to each other, and with the doctor stroking his cock. Dustin moaned really load when he shot his load all over the shirt of Dr. James. Dr. James said that he never got around to really examining Dustin, so he has to come back in for his physical. That was an interesting experience and as the two of us walked back to practice everything was silent between us.

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