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I was having trouble peeing for the last couple of weeks and finally figured that something had to be wrong for causing me so much trouble. I made an appointment to go in and see the doctor at the school's clinic to see what was going on with my dick. Whenever you go to the doctor's it seems like it takes forever to do the paperwork, and then rarely get to spend any time with the doctor. This was my first time going into the school's clinic, and sure enough it was starting out the same as all others I had been through. Following the nurse back to the room she showed me in to meet Dr. James. He had me take a seat on the table and then explain why I came into see him. Starting with my vitals he took my pulse, and told me it was normal. As he was getting ready to take my blood pressure, I asked Dr. James where he had went to school. He said that he had went to Columbia and told me to relax. Removing my shirt, he wanted to listen to my heart. Taking a couple of breathes he had a listen, and then took a look down my throat. Dr. James then had me take off my shorts and felt around my stomach area. Feeling around my crotch area, he wasn't hitting any painful spots. However, he was starting to touch my cock a little bit more. He worked on getting my cock hard, and I didn't actually know if this was for fun or for business. Dr. James instructed me to lay back on the table, and pulled out some footrests for me to put my feet up in. He explained that he needed to examine my prostate just in case it was enlarged. Applying his lubed up finger to my asshole, he pushed it in gently and told me that he wanted to check out my prostate. I didn't know if that honestly could be it, and what was I going to say. Moving his finger around, Dr. James seem to have a rhythm down to rubbing my prostate. He wanted to continue to examine me and as he did so, his mouth went over my cock and swallowed it. I was shocked that he was able to take my cock in like he did. Dr. James was a pro when it came to sucking cock and that was something that I think he enjoyed doing. Pausing for a minute, he pulled off the gloves and told me that he didn't feel anything wrong, but wanted to check out a couple more things. He went back to sucking my dick, and he just let it all happen. Lowering the table and putting me in more of a laying position, he tried to make me a little more comfortable. After a while he paused for a second and told me that he wanted to try and get a sample out of me. He applied some lube to my cock and jerked me off for a while. I tried to focus, so that I would blow my load faster. However, it wasn't working in my favor. Taking over control from the doctor, I wanted to see if maybe I could get myself closer. As I did, I told him that he could take over. Gripping my cock he squeezed it tight as he stroked my cock. I told him to keep going faster, and that I was about to shoot. When I came it went all over his hand and my hand, and I asked him if he was happy with it. Dr. James told me that he didn't think my prostate was causing my problems and that he wanted to do some further tests to find out what was the problem. On my way out I had made an appointment to come back in to the clinic in a couple of days, and that just left me to wonder, what the doctor will perform next?

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