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My name is Danny and I wanted to go into the doctor's to get checked out to make sure that I was good to go visit my parents out of the country. It's been a while since my last doctor's visit, and with going outside the country it is always a good idea to get checked out sometimes before and after a trip to make sure that I don't have something or catch something as well. I was a little nervous, but the nurse was very nice to me in the waiting room. Finally, when the doctor called us back, she walked me to the exam room and closed the door behind her. I explained what was going on to the doctor and then he began his examination. Dr. James started by taking my pulse, and then looking in my nose, ears, and mouth. Removing my shirt, he used his stethoscope to listen to my heart, and lungs. Putting the blood pressure cuff on my arm, it was a little weird to have him blow that thing up on my arm. He told me that it was normal, and so that is good to hear. Laying back on the table, he started to feel my chest and stomach. His cold, bare hands worked their way down towards my pants. Dr. James lifted up my waistband and started to feel just underneath there. He paused from what he was doing and told me to take off my pants and have a seat. Searching for any tenderness, I tried to remain still while he felt around. He asked me to take my underwear off as well, and lay back. As I stripped them off, he put on a pair of gloves. With the gloves on I became nervous that he might try to stick something up my butt. I already didn't care to be naked in front of another guy. He started to pick my dick up with his hand and feel around. I tried to just think of anything else. Then, Dr. James had me stand up and cupping my balls he asked me to cough. I didn't understand what he was asking, but then he showed me. I did so, and he asked me to seat down once more. His hand started to play with my cock again, and as much as I tried to think of what I needed to pack and still had left to do, my cock began to get hard. I saw the doctor start to bend forward and I had no idea what was up. He stood up and took off the things that were around his neck. Bending forward once again he put my dick in his mouth and started to suck. Dr. James was giving me a blow job, and I didn't know that came with any kind of an examination. I didn't know how long he was going to go for, should I have said something, moaned, I didn't want to trigger something to have him stop and cause trouble. The doctor took a break from giving me head and was jerking me off. I just wasn't getting hard with him touching me, and that is when I just tried to take over jerking myself off. He let me and just stood back and watched. I was able to get hard looking the other way and worked on trying to get off to give him the sample he was after. It took me a while, and I even moaned a little bit in a place of habit. I came on my stomach and the load went everywhere. It had been a couple of days since I last got off. Dr. James collected a sample and then had me get cleaned up while he got my clean bill of health filled out. That was an interesting experience that I won't tell anyone about.

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