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I was required by the army to go get a physical exam before I would be eligible to apply to become a cadet. I called around town to see who I could get into and who was the cheapest. One of my friends told me about the university's clinic and how they're always taking patients for little charge. Giving them a call, I was able to make an appointment that afternoon to get in for my physical. When I arrived I was a little nervous to see a doctor, because it has been such a long time since I had to see one. The nurse called my name and asked me to come back to one of the exam rooms. I took a seat on the exam table and she closed the door behind her. After a couple of minutes of waiting Dr. James walked in and introduced himself. I explained to him why I came into the clinic, and he asked me some general questions about my health. He started with taking my pulse and then taking a look in my mouth and eyes. Dr. James had me take off my shirt after he took my blood pressure, so that he could listen to my heart. As he was completing all the tasks that he had to, he kept saying that everything was normal and that was good to hear. He had me remove my pants, and take a seat on the exam table. He took his hands and started to feel around my lower stomach and under my underwear. With a request to remove my underwear, he told me that he wanted to exam my balls. The doctor had on his pair of rubber gloves as Dr. James felt my dick and balls, and I have to say that I was starting to like the feeling of latex. He started to notice that my dick was growing and getting a little harder. Dr. James asked if I was enjoying it, I replied that I was and then in turn asked him if he was. He said yes, and then said that he would show me something even better. Lowering his head down to my cock he put it in his mouth and started to suck. I couldn't believe what was going on. I hadn't seen a doctor in nine years, and this was the treatment that I was receiving. Damn, I was missing out. Watching the doctor, he was able to take all of my cock in his mouth. I couldn't help, but moan out loud to let him know that it felt great. The doctor was very impressed by my stamina and didn't want to waste it. He reached behind himself and grabbed a bottle of lube. Jerking me off he was able to get me even harder. I will admit that it does take a lot for me to get off, and I knew that Dr. Jame's arm was getting tired. Starting to get the sensation that I was getting close to having an orgasm and getting off. He told me that it was ok for me to shoot my load. I worked on trying to stay in that moment and be able to get off. He would get me there and I would hold my breath with excitement. I grabbed onto the back of the chair and Dr. James was able to get me off. I came all over my chest and was even able to get some of my cum up on my neck. Dr. James looked over the list of things that he had to examine me for and found that we didn't go over a couple of them. He told me that I needed to come back in for another visit in order to finish up my requirements. I hope that I could make another appointment for later this week.

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