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I had a competition that I was about to compete in, and the coach was a little worried about how I was going to do. Coach went with me to the clinic to see Dr. James again to get me cleared to play. When we got to the clinic, nurse Cindy took us back to Dr. James. Coach explained his concern and Dr. James said that he would work me over to make sure that I would be fine to take part in it. He started by taking my vital signs, my pulse, and blood pressure. To listen to my heart he had me lower my uniform to get to my bare skin. He said that everything sounded normal, and to strip down and lay on my stomach. I crawled up on the exam table, and as I laid there Dr. James palpated my back in different areas. As he found some knots to work out, he would massage them with his hands. Dr. James was rubbing my back, and I was starting to experience some pain. Coach reached over and took my hand. Placing my hand on his cock, he told me to play with that, to take my mind off of the pain. His cock was rock hard already without me touching it, and I knew that the doctor loved my body. The doc had me turn over and to their surprise they discovered the boner that I had. Dr. James pulled it out and started to give me head. I enjoyed it just like I did the last time I was there, but not long into it Coach had me start to play with his cock again. Raising the back of the exam table they had me sit up and Coach stuck his dick in my mouth. I sucked his cock and played with his balls. Now, if you had to ask me which guy I would prefer Dr. James or Coach? It would be very hard to pick one, because they both are extremely hot! Coach ordered me to the floor and on my feet, so that I could return the favor to the doc. As I placed my mouth on his dick and started to give him a blow job, he started to moan. I knew that I was doing a great job, by the reaction. Coach climbed back up on the chair and Dr. James sucked his dick. We did that for a while before they wanted to change things up again on me. Coach said that my endurance needed to be tested. He had me grab a condom from the jar on the counter, and put it on. As I did Dr. James moved down to the end of the table, and I figured out just who was going to take my cock. I pushed my cock in his ass, and it was so tight. I knew that it had been a while since he had last been fucked. After a while I was able to work up a rhythm, and we were fucking like rabbits. Watching us coach wanted a shot to get to fuck the doctor. I pulled out, and he tried to get in there, but he couldn't stay completely hard. So, they had me put on another condom and fuck again. Coach blew his load all over Dr. James chest, covering him with cum. I pulled out my cock, threw the condom on the floor and started to stroke my cock really fast. I moaned as they cheered me on to get me to cum. When I came, I blew my load all over the Doctor's cock and balls. Dr. James stroked using some of it, and stayed at a pretty steady pace jerking off. I played with his balls a little bit in the hopes that I would help him get off. He started to move his body and moan a little bit. All of a sudden he came right on his stomach and chest, and everyone had a chance at cumming on the doctor. I knew that he had a mess to clean up, and we just had to put on our clothes to leave. I was glad that Dr. James was able to clear me for the competition, and hopefully my back will not act up. However, the Dr. James invited me back if it does.

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