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I had a sore throat, and it was driving me nuts that I was not feeling better after a couple of days. Deciding to go to the school's clinic I was hoping to get some drugs to make it go away. When I got to the clinic I was taken back to one of the exam rooms where I was introduced to Dr. Dick. In talking about some of the symptoms that I was feeling, he said that he would be able to help. The doctor asked me how long it had been since I last had a full exam, and I told him it had been a couple of years. Dr. Dick had me take off my shirt so that he could start an exam. After my shirt was stripped off he had me lay back and took my blood pressure. He discovered that my blood pressure was a little high, and I told him it tends to do that from time to time. The doctor warned me to keep a close eye on that, and to make sure that I see a doctor if it keeps up on the high side. He then started to listen to my body with his stethoscope. He worked his way down just below my pants, and then asked me to pull them down. I had to stand up to finish stripping out of the rest of my clothes. Starting to feel around my cock he wanted to make sure that I didn't have any hernias. His hands were a little cold at first, but seemed to warm up the longer they had contact with my body. He then had me get back onto the exam table, and he had me put my legs up in stirrups. He put on a pair of gloves and then slipped his finger into my tight asshole, and it didn't feel that bad. The doctor then went for some kind of instrument, and hooked it up to a machine. Putting the instrument in my ass, he was careful to go slow at first. Once it was in, he turned it on and I was able to feel some vibration. I have to admit that it was very weird to have it in there, but I did start to get aroused with it in my ass. The doctor played with my dick a little bit, before he had finished his test. He then was able to get me fully hard with a boner. Dr. Dick had to jerk me off for what seemed like an eternity to seem to even get me close to an orgasm. Finally, I didn't have much time to give the doctor a warning before I came. I came right on his hand and it seemed to be a pretty big load size. The doctor said that he wanted me to come back the following week for a follow-up visit to see if the meds he gives me makes the cough go away. I sure hope it does, because this was one weird visit that I had.

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