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I went into the doctor's because I was coughing a lot, and it wasn't going away on its own. The doctor came into the room, and introduced himself before starting the exam to see what was going on. He had me remove my shirt and took my blood pressure. My blood pressure results were normal, and so he started to take down some notes about my symptoms. Listening to my heart the doctor was very good at explaining what he was doing and why. He made me very comfortable with everything that he was doing, and he could tell that had some flem in the throat. The doctor had me strip down to my boxers, and take a seat back onto the exam table. He began checking out the rest of my body, by first palpating my upper body. Taking his time he worked his way around my body and could tell that I work a lot on my computer, and play sports. Testing my reflexes he moved my legs up and down and then worked on my arms. Looking for hernias he had me drop my boxers, and then he began to exam my cock and balls with gloves on. He made sure to take his time and feeling around my testicals. I watched him and hoped that he wouldn't notice that I was precumming a little with all the touching that he was doing down there. However, he didn't say anything, but did touch the cum. Turning over on my stomach the doctor wanted to take my temperature and he did so by sticking a thermometer in my ass. He talked and tried to get me to breathe easier as he stuck it in my tight ass hole. As soon as he was finished I was hoping that I could turn over, my wish was granted. Then, the doctor told me that he wanted to check out my prostate. Bending over the table he stuck his finger in my ass and moved it around a little bit. This for sure felt way weird, to have a doctor do to me. When he pulled out his finger he told me that my prostate was enlarged due to the cold medicine I had been taking. The doctor had one last test for me, and he wanted to make sure that I could maintain an erection while on the cold meds. He put some lube in his hand and started to stroke my cock. I had envisioned my girlfriend touching me, and everything seemed to go fine. What probably felt best out of all the ways he touched me was when he jerked me off with two hands. I could tell that the doctor was getting tired, but I was just trying to concentrate so that I could blow my load. I figured that was what he was after next, and really I just hoped that he would get my cough to go away. I started to moan and breath deep when I was about to shoot my load and when I did I came all over the doctor's hands. He told me that he would get me a subscription and clean me up and have me on my way. That was a very interesting doctor's visit, but I am glad that I will start to feel better from his help.

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