Alek & Shane
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I had to go back into the clinic for a follow-up visit, and my friend Shane made an appointment to go in with me for his check up as well. The nurse took us back to a room, and told us to get down to our underwear for the doctor. Stripping out of our clothes, we just talked and waited for him to come in. Finally, after what seemed like a long time, Dr. James came in and was ready to begin the examination on us. In asking who to start with, Shane stepped up to go first, and hopped up on the table. Dr. James started by listening to his heart, and taking his blood pressure. In going over his body, he noticed Shane's body piercings. He had a belly-button and nipple one, and has had no problems with them. The doctor asked Shane to drop the underwear and examined his testacies, for any lumps. Trying to get an accurate temp he had Shane get on all fours and slipped a thermometer in his ass. Shane was fine, and had no temp. Turning back over the doctor started to test Shane's reflexes, and Shane started to get a bonner with the doctor touching him. Wasting no time the doctor started to give head, and seemed like he was a pro at it from the skills he was showing. Pausing for a moment he then asked me if I wanted to give it a shot. Shane was hot, so I said that I didn't mind helping him out. The doc and I double teamed on sucking him off, and it was a lot of fun. Stroking Shane's cock for a while we just wanted to see him blow his load all over. I played with his nipples a little bit, while Dr. James had to stroke him off for what seemed like a long time. Shane let out a very loud gasp, and came a huge load right on his stomach. The doctor was impressed by the size, and took a sample. Trading places with Shane, I climbed up on the table and the doctor began by taking my blood pressure again. All that he needed from me was a sperm sample, so he started touching me for a second to get me hard. The doc's mouth is very soft, and good at giving head. I was nervous with the two of them all paying such close attention to me, but I knew that I would get hard with two very hot guys playing with me. Shane even gave me head for a little bit and that was hot to see him go down on me. Watching his mouth go up and down was such a turn on. Plus, he was able to deep-throat and take it all. I couldn't help myself, but to play with Shane's cock as I was getting most of the attention. Shane climbed up on a chair and wanted me to suck his dick some more. It was a fun little line that we had going on. The doctor was finally ready after a while to see if he could get me to cum. Grabbing the lube bottle he put some in his hand and on my dick so that he could start to stroke my cock. Tensing every muscle in my body I wanted to put on a good show for the doc. I let out a lot of moans as my load went mostly on his hand, and was a thick, white color. I thought that we were done, but that is when the doctor told me he wanted to test my gag reflex. Shane and I tag teamed his cock, and the doctor seemed to enjoy it. I stroked the doctor really fast with my hand and would get some lube every once in a while. He moaned really load, and blow his load all over his chest, and lower stomach. This was one exam that I think everyone enjoyed, and he invited us back for another visit any time.

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