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I transferred to a university in southern Florida to go to school as in exchange student from Spain. And one of the requirements when I got there was that I had to have a physical at the school's clinic. I made an appointment and when I went in my appointment was with Dr. James. He was very nice, and started with taking my blood pressure. He told me that it was normal range for my age. Dr. James had me take off my shirt and he listened to my heart and lungs to make sure they were ok as well. Palpating my stomach, he tried to see if I had any tender areas. Slipping his hand in my waist band, there was still no trouble areas. He had me remove my shorts and pants to be naked for the next part of the exam. To do this I stood up off the exam table and was a little self-concuss about him seeing my cock. With my hand I tried to cover it up, so that he didn't see how tiny my cock was, because of the temperature of the room. Examining my testacies he felt them all over, to see if there were any lumps. To take my temperature he had me roll over on my stomach and inserted a thermometer in my ass to get the most accurate reading. As soon as he saw that I was fine, he wanted to continue on by checking out my prostate. Slowly he slid a finger in my tight asshole, and moved it towards my cock. I have to admit that it was kind of weird having a doctor do this to me for the first time. Turing back over on my back, he wanted to continue the exam of my prostate. Applying some more lube to his finger, it went back inside my ass. The doctor lowered his head to my cock and started to give me a blow job. It felt great to have this done, but at the same time I had no idea that physical's went like this. He sucked my cock and played with my ass for a while, and it wasn't so bad. I was nervous as hell not knowing what the doctor was thinking while he was doing all of this. Jerking me off, Dr. James was starting to see if he could get me off. In his words he told me that he wanted to try and get a specimen. I reached over and tried to play with the doctor's cock at the same time to help him out as well. When I did this, he got aroused showing me that he enjoyed what I was doing. Dr. James told me that he wanted to probe a little deeper in my ass, and had me move down to the end of the bed. I did what he told me too, and then I saw him put his dick against my hole. Pressing his cock inward, I felt his cock go inside me very slowly at first. Once inside however, he started to go much faster. I could tell that he was getting very turned on by fucking me. I had to admit that it was hot having a good looking doctor fuck me in his exam room. I actually had to stop jerking myself off, so that I didn't blow my load. After a while though the doctor asked to see me blow my load, and I jerked off as fast as I could. The doctor pulled out and jerked off right below me, and was waiting for me to shoot my load. I reached under my leg to play with his balls at the same time. The doctor came right on my leg and it was a huge load that went everywhere on me. Dr. James said that he had another patient waiting to see him, and didn't have any more time to spend with me. However, he wanted me to make another appointment to come back in for follow-up visit to get a sperm sample. I look forward to seeing just how that exam might go and it will be hard to wait a week.

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