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Every year I go to the doctor's to get a physical done, especially because I play sports and have to get usually get cleared to play. My time was up for me to get an exam, and so I made an appointment to go into the school's clinic because it is cheap for me to get a physical done. Nurse Cindy took me back to the room and there was a doctor and another guy in scrubs in the room. The doctor introduced himself, as Dr. James, and then said that he was training an intern. Dr. James began with asking me simple questions about my age, height, weight, and some habits. Removing my shirt, he wanted to get a listen to my heart, and had intern Michael have a listen as well. The doctor took my blood pressure, and as he was doing that Michael made a comment about how good I looked from working out. I thought that was a little odd, but blew it off. The intern repeated everything the doctor was doing, and when he was feeling over my chest he started to do more of a rub and squeeze. He once again made a comment about how nice my chest was, and I thanked him to be polite. The doctor wanted to keep going in the exam, so he undid my belt and listened with his stethoscope on my waist line. He then had Michael do the same thing. Removing my pants and returning to the table, Dr. James started to touch this time to make sure that I had no tender areas. Doing the hernia test they both felt my balls, before making me take a seat again. I just laid back and allowed them to check out my balls, and package. It was a little weird having the two of them touching me like that. Then he brought out the thermometer. The doctor stuck it in my ass, and I let him know that I was uncomfortable. But, it only lasted for a minute before he told me that I was normal. Taking a seat back on the table, the doctor started to feel my dick again and said that in the clinic they liked to get a sperm sample from each of the clients to make sure that everything is ok. Without saying another word he lowered his head to my cock and put it in his mouth. Dude, what the fuck? The doctor was giving me a blow job, who does that? Finally, Michael interrupted the doctor and what he was doing. I told them that I never had this happen, and the doctor said that in order for Michael to pass his internship he was just going to have to follow things at the clinic. I didn't want Michael to fail because of me, so I just said ok. Dr. James proceeded to show him a demonstration on how to suck dick just right. It felt great, and I was just going along with it. Then, it was Michael's turn to give my cock a try, and he did use a little more teeth than the doctor. But, I wasn't going to say anything to the doctor. The two went back and forth in giving my cock some attention, but probably the best so far was when they both were down there at the same time. The doctor started to jerk me off with some lube, and I just sat there with my hands behind my head enjoying every minute of it. Michael felt my balls at the same time, as the doctor stroked my cock pretty fast. I came on my stomach and was really relieved to have an orgasm. The doctor surprised me, by saying that he wanted Michael to feel what I went through and asked him to drop his clothes. Getting up from the table, I stood off to the side. Michael took a seat on the table like I was, and the doctor started to play with his soft, limp cock in his underwear. Dr. James asked him to pull them down and get back up on the table. Michael played with my cock at the same time that Dr. James gave him head. This was a very weird experience I was having at the doctor's, but who would find out. It was then my turn to try and give head to the intern, and I have to admit that I was really nervous that I might do something wrong. However, Michael thrust his hips towards my mouth, so I figured he had to be enjoying my warm, moist mouth. Michael got to have a little bit of a fantasy with the doctor and me sucking on his dick, one at a time, and then sometimes with two tongues. However, I was really happu when the doctor took over and just jerked him off. It took him a few minutes in order to get him close to having an orgasm, but Michael came on his lower stomach. I huge shot of cum went all the way back on his side. Then, the doctor said that it was going to be his turn on the table...

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