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My friend Chad called me up and said that he needed me to take him to his doctor's appointment again. I asked him if he really needed the ride, but he told me that I was the only one that wasn't working. When I picked him up we got to the doctor's office really early for his appointment, but the nurse took us back to the exam room to wait anyway. Chad and I like to joke around, so we were goofing off while we waited. Dr. James walked in, and welcomed Chad back for another physical. Chad had told me that he was taking advantage of the school's free health care they were giving him by getting checked up every month. Starting with the blood pressure and the heart, the exam went like normal with Dr. James. Stripping out of Chad's clothes, he soon was naked on the table with Dr. James touching his cock. I couldn't help but play with myself a little bit, until the doctor caught me in action. I didn't understand why the doctor was messing around with his patient, but he told me that he had to make sure that all of his reflexes were ok. Dr. James got Chad's cock about half way hard, when he lowered his mouth down to his cock. What the hell? The doctor was giving Chad a blow job, and he liked it. Calling me over the doctor had me join in on giving Chad head, and I wasn't about to turn that down. I have been friends with Chad for a while now, and he is a hot guy. I had thoughts of messing around with him for a while now, so my fantasy was going to come true. Sucking on Chad's cock, he started to rub and play with my cock as well. I stripped out of my clothing and the doctor did the same thing. The three of us, went back and forth giving head to one another and it was hot. Each one of us was hard messing around with one another. Dr. James said that he was ready to do an anal exam and got in behind Chad with his dick ready to go inside that tight asshole. Chad was freaking out because the doctor had a huge cock, and it had been a while since he had taken something that big. With a little anesthesia the doctor was able to get his massive cock right in there, and start pounding away. The two of them fucked very hard in front of me, and it was like my own private show to jerk off to. Chad had told me that it was going to be my turn to have that dick in my ass, and I will admit that I was terrified that thing was going to rip my ass wide open. Chad was the one that I wanted to fuck me, and so the doctor stepped out of the way for him to give me a good pounding. Starting out slow, Chad allowed me to get a little more relaxed before he started going faster. One thing that I had noticed was that he seemed to fuck me at the rhythm of my breathing. Now, it wouldn't have been a good threesome if we didn't try to do a train with the three of us. The doctor got in behind Chad and we tried to get some kind of a system going. I was glad that Chad was really getting the hardcore fucking and not me, but I wasn't complaining. Dr. James had Chad step out of the way and he started to fuck me really hard. I had never really been fucked like that before, so I didn't mind the doctor's rock hard cock in my ass at that point. I don't think that he minded the chance to fuck two young, hot guys in the middle of his day. Both guys surrounded me as they jerked off, and the doctor was the first one to blow his huge load on my stomach. His cum went all over my chest, and within a minute Chad came on my stomach as well. However, Chad's cum was a little bit thicker. I was starting to come down from my moment of pure pleasure, and joked around with the doctor when I told him that I might need to see surgery for my ass. That was one doctor's visit that I was never going to forget.

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