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Getting hurt playing sports always sucks, but any player always wants to heal fast to get back on the court or field. While I was playing basketball on a school team, I sprained my ankle. Having to take a timeout, the couch wrapped my ankle and told me that I should go to the school's clinic just to make sure that I was ok. When I got there nurse Cindy took me back into one of the exam room's and told me that Dr. Dick would be in shortly to take a look at my ankle. Sitting their waiting, I got very bored and counted different things around the room. Finally, when the doctor came into the room he introduced himself and then asked me some questions. He wanted to check me out and make sure that I was ok before clearing me to get back into basketball. The doctor had me take off my shirt so that he could listen to my heart to make sure that I was still healthy. After he did that he listened to my lungs, and took my blood pressure. He listened to a couple more different areas; the doctor moved his stethoscope around my chest and stomach. He undid my pants, and listen to the area just below my belt line. As he went under my underwear my dick started to get hard and the doctor noticed that. He pointed out that it was natural to happen and that I shouldn't be embarrassed. Dr. Dick had me stand up and drop my pants down to my ankles. Feeling around he touched my cock all over, examining it and making sure that it was ok. Then, he had me return to sitting on the exam table. Removing the rest of my clothes he focused on my ankle and began checking it out to make sure that it was ok. Touching my toes, moving my foot around, he tested the flexibility in my ankle. Dr. Dick wanted to test out my testicals to make sure that everything was ok. It is a rising concern of cancer in the testicals, and so it is a good idea to get checked out regularly by a doctor. He started to examine my cock with his hands, and moved very slowly when touching. My cock was so hard, that it was starting to precum a little, and the doctor enjoyed playing with it. He went back to more of a stroking motion and I just lied there with my hands behind my head allowing the doctor to touch me. I had to admit that I held back, because how often was this going to happen to me at the doctor's office? Dr. Dick had to jerk me off for a while, but I had an orgasm and blew my load all over myself. While I was still shooting my load the doctor tried to get a sample in a cup, so that they could analyze it. Dr. Dick said that he wanted me to come back in to get examined by Dr. James, because he is more of an expert on ankles. I made an appointment to go back into the clinic next week for that exam.

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