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My friend Chad called me up and said that he needed a ride to his doctor's appointment because he had a check up scheduled that he didn't want to cancel. It was a good thing that he had caught me on a day off from work, but I said that I could take him. When we got there I grabbed a magazine to do some light reading while I had to wait for him. The nurse called him back to the exam room, and Chad told me just to come back with him. We waited for a while, and then the doctor came into the room. Right away he recognized Chad and asked why he was back so soon. That is when Chad said that he just wanted to be safe, and that was that was why he came back 30 days later. Chad was one of those guys that would always go to the extreme whenever he thought something was wrong with him or he was getting sick. The doctor asked why I was there, and I just told him that I was the set of wheels to get him back and forth places. The doctor had him take off his shirt, so that he could get started with the exam. Peeling off his shirt, and laying down on the table, Chad was ready to be examined. First, the doctor listened to his heart, and then took his blood pressure. When the doctor asked him to remove his pants, I felt really weird being in the room. On top of that, the doctor asked me if I had a recent check up, but I told him with no insurance I couldn't go. Stepping out of his boxers Chad took a seat back up on the exam table and that is when the doctor started to exam his penis. The doctor told Chad that he remembered him liking the exam of his cock the last time, and I was a little curious about what in the hell they were talking about. That is when the doc said that they did things a little different in that clinic. Holy shit, the doctor started going down on Chad! I couldn't believe what I was seeing, in front of my own eyes. I was getting so turned on, watching the two of them go at it, that I started to touch myself. My cock was so hard that I couldn't keep it in my pants, and I undid my pants to whip out my dick. The doctor asked me if I would help him out with giving head to Chad and I got out of the chair. Placing Chad's rock of a cock in mouth, I started to suck on it. Reaching across him, the doctor started to play with my penis as well. I then pulled away, but stepped up on a chair to the side of Chad. I was then at the perfect height for him to suck on my cock. Taking my soft cock in his mouth he was able to get most all of it in his mouth. It only took him a short time for his mouth to get me hard. Chad was able to suck my cock for a while, until he was getting to close to having an orgasm. I stepped back down and Chad was getting jerked off by the Doctor. Blowing his load on his lower stomach, Chad came all over the doctor's hand. Out of breath, Chad took a second to catch his breath and then climbed down off the table. That is when the doctor asked if I wanted the same treatment. I wasn't going to turn down getting off by the hot doctor. Getting comfortable, I was ready for the hottest hand job that I was going to receive. The doctor grabbed some lube and started stroking my cock, and it was just a slow steady climb for me. In my head I just thought that I wanted the moment to last as long as it could. All of a sudden, Chad let out that he was going to blow his load again for a second time. He came on my leg with his load, and thank god it was smaller in size. However, it was still thick! The doctor went back to jerking me off with all the muscles in his hand and it took several minutes, but I started to feel like I was getting close to having an orgasm. My breathing was getting faster, and then all of a sudden I could feel the cum starting to come. I used every muscle in my body to hold it back, but it only bought me seconds as the cum was sprayed on my stomach. I came on my lower stomach a nice size load for all the doctor's hard work. The doctor invited us both back again soon for another visit, and I had to say that after that experience in the clinic I wanted to go back. I told the doctor that I would go ahead and get insurance now, because I wanted to see what more we could examine in the next appointment. The nurse told us that it could be two weeks before she could get us back in, but that she would call us if someone canceled their appointment.

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