Anthony & Jacob
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My friend Anthony and I had been talking about ways that I could make some extra money to pay all the bills that have been stacking up on my table at home. Anthony told me that he was making great money for all the adult work he has been doing lately, and has actually been having money left over to do things. In giving it some thought I told him that I might be interested, but if he would help me get started. I asked him what kind of things he did to make the money and that is when he broke the news to me that doing scenes with guys pays a lot more money, however he did both. I have never touched another dude before, nor had a dude touch me. I had no idea that Anthony would do that kind of work, but when he started telling me the size of the checks he was getting I started having second thoughts. Before I could do anything I wanted to get tested, because it had been a while since my last physical. Anthony took me to the clinic where he last got tested to see Dr. Dick. Sitting in the exam room for what seemed like an eternity for Dr. Dick to come in, Anthony and I just sat there talking about the work. When Dr. Dick came into the room he asked me why I was in, and I told him that I was considering going into the adult industry. He agreed with me that it was a good idea to get myself tested and checked out before I got started. Dr. Dick had me take off my shirt and he started to listen to my heart and lungs. Pressing the stethoscope against my skin it was cold for the first couple of times he moved it around. He could tell from my lungs that I was a big social smoker. Continuing on with the exam he checked my blood pressure, listened to my chest some more, and palpated around my stomach area. The doctor moved his hands around very gently and touching my body in different spots. It had been a while since I really had a good exam by a doctor, so I figured that this was just a very thorough job. The doctor felt around my cock and balls with his hand to make sure that everything was ok. He told me that he wanted to check my stamina, since I was going to be doing porn. Dr. Dick asked Anthony to suck my dick to see if that would get me hard, and I had no idea what to say or do. I wanted to get a clear bill of health, so I figured that I needed to go along with it. Anthony took off his shirt and lowered his mouth down to my cock, and began to give me head. The doctor pinched my nipples and listened to my heart as Anthony sucked my cock. He was able to get me hard and I was a little shocked at how good he was at giving me head. That is when I heard the doctor say that it was now my turn to give him head. I thought to myself that I had no idea what to do, and didn't want to look like a jackass in front of both of them. Anthony had just started stripping out of his clothes and climbed up on a chair next to me putting his cock in my face. Leaning my body more towards Anthony I brought my mouth closer to his cock. I opened my mouth wide and closed it an inch or two down his shaft. Pulling back softly with my lips, I was trying to see if I could do it right. Then, in my head I tried to remember the way that Anthony did it to me, and wanted to mimic it. While I was sucking on Anthony's cock, the doctor stroked my cock keeping me hard. The doctor once again stopped us from what we were doing, and asked us to try something new. This time the doctor wanted to see us fuck, and I was a little more nervous about this. What if I couldn't get hard? Was that going to affect him giving me the results I needed to get started? I had so many questions running through my head that I just went with them, and we took it one step at a time. I put a condom on and Anthony bent over the exam table, I was a little shocked that he was so willing to help my exam out this much. I had to stop thinking so much, because there was no way I was going to be able to keep a boner with the thoughts of fucking a dude in my head. Once, I was behind Anthony I pushed my cock inside and I started to pump in and out. I had never fucked a dude before, and his ass was very tight. It was very hard to get down to a steady motion for a little while. We were able to fuck pretty hard and fast for a while and I just thought that it was a girl that I had fucked a couple of nights before. After a few minutes into the fucking, Anthony stopped me because his legs were hurting him. Anthony got on his back on the exam table and I got in behind him. Pressing my cock in his ass I wanted to see if I could get this over with. We fucked and Anthony jerked his cock off at the same time. He started to breath really fast and had an orgasm. When he blew his load, he came right on his stomach and was very sensitive afterward. I pulled out and jerked off right behind him. I was already close so when I came I did right on Anthony's balls. Afterward the doctor had us get cleaned up and dressed. He congratulated me about passing the examination.

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