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I am one of the new coaches here at the university and it is mandatory for the athletes to get a physical before each new year to make sure that they're healthy and not on any drugs. I met Dr. James at the school's clinic and he seemed like a very nice guy when we first met. I explained that my whole team would be coming in to see him, and I just wanted to go through one of their exams so I know what my athletes will go through. He had me take a seat on the exam table and that is where he asked me about my personal information before he actually started to do anything. Taking my blood pressure, he then had me remove my shirt before he could listen to my heart. The doctor could tell that I worked out a bit, and that I was staying in competitive shape with my athletes. Next, Dr. James wanted to check out my genitals, and so he had me strip out of my clothes. He started to touch my balls and cock with a pair of gloves on, and everything seemed fine. Then, the doctor wanted to make sure that my cock was ok and functioning normally. He started to jerk me off, and I could tell that I was being a little sensitive to his touch. After just a moment of that he actually lowered his mouth down and took my cock in his warm, wet, mouth. I have never had an exam go in this direction, but I was just going to see how things were going to go. I was rock hard, and actually started to thrust my hips into his mouth, because it felt so good. Pausing for a moment the doctor, asked if I wanted to go ahead and finish. I knew that he meant if I wanted to get off. I told him to keep going, and that I had never been jerked off with a pair of gloves on before. The doctor used a lot of lube, and was able to jerk me off pretty fast. I have to admit though that it was very weird feeling with the gloves and that might be one reason why it was taking me so long to get off. He jerked me off more, gave me some head, and tried a combo of both. I finally gave him a signal that I was getting close to blowing my load, and when I told him he started to move his hand even faster. My load went everywhere when I came because he was going so fast. Some ended up going on my upper chest. I felt great afterwards, and I was a little surprised by the whole experience. But, I am sure that the athletes won't mind the whole thing. I will see just how fast Dr. James will be able to go through all of them. I am sure that I will have to go along with some of the slackers, but I will have to wait to see.

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