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The coach of my team told me that I had to go in to take a physical at the local school's clinic. It has been a couple of years since I had to have one. He met me there to make sure that the doctor was going to clear me for playing this season. Time was going by very slowly while we were there, and I didn't know if the doctor was ever going to come in. Coach asked me what all happened the last time that I was in for a visit, and he took off my shirt. After my shirt was off, he then started to play with my nipples. I explained that the doctor did a full body examination. With his hand on my leg, he started to rub it, and then pulled down the rest of my clothes. After I was naked, he stroked my cock and was able to get me hard. As he did that I realized that I was having a fantasy of mine come true, I was getting to mess around with an older guy of authority. I reached up and started to rub his chest with my hand and play with his nipples. I could tell that he was getting turned on as well, and started to rub on his cock. He whipped out his cock, I moved my mouth over and took it inside. He told me that I didn't have to give him head, but I knew that I wanted to keep him happy. I asked him if he wanted to climb up on the table in my place, and he jumped right on that. He stripped out of his clothes and sprawled out on the table ready for me to take his cock in my mouth. I gave him head for a while, and what I thought was hot was the fact that he wanted to fuck my mouth. He would lift his hips up off the exam table forcing my mouth deeper down. I could tell that he loved when I deep throated, because a load moan would burst out of him. At one point I even had to hold his leg down with my arm so that he would stay under control. The coach was not very good at helping me out while I was servicing his cock. He would try, but would stop when he got too overwhelmed with excitement. I wanted him to cum so bad that after a while my jaw just started to lock up from all the head. I used my hand and tried to jerk him off, but he told me that the oral got him closer, so I went back to my mouth on his cock. Finally, what it took was him jerking himself off and using all of his upper body strength to pop a load. Once he squirted on is stomach he ordered me up on the table. He then jerked me off with his hand. With a little bit of lube it doesn't take a lot for me to get off. I told him what I liked and it worked right away. I blew my load all over my side, and he just kept going with it being so sensitive. We both agreed that we needed to hurry to get dressed so that the doctor didn't find out what we did.

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