David & Brandon
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Sitting in the doctor's office waiting for him to come in and give me some test results from the last time I was in the clinic. I had brought along my friend for support, because I don't like high anxiety moments. While we were sitting there killing time for the doctor that just didn't seem to be coming in, we found a bottle that said, "experiments" sitting on the table next to the exam table. The two of us took a smile drink of the sweet fluid inside, to see what would happen. Within a few minutes our bodies started to feel warm and we were getting turned on. Leaning forward my friend started to kiss me, as he lifted up my shirt and started to kiss my chest and nipples. He undid my pants and started to suck on my huge cock. It felt good to have his warm, sweet lips going down on my dick, it was a fantasy coming true. Pulling back he lifted his shirt and revealed his smooth, white, tone chest, as I took off my pants. Holding his underwear down I sucked on his cock, and he was enjoying it. He started to thrust his cock into my mouth. Being turned on, he pushed me back and once again gave me head that I was enjoyed. I didn't know that his mouth was that talented, but I now saw why he had so many guys that wanted to sleep with him from the club. Returning the favor, I got off the table and had him take my place. Taking a hold of his cock with one hand I jerked him off, while my mouth sucked on his tip. I was repeating some of the techniques that he used on me, and he was moaning from the blow job. He told me that he was so horny and that he wanted to fuck me like he always wanted to do. I told him to give me the best fucking he could, and so he climbed in behind me. My legs were lying against his chest and he pressed his throbbing cock in my hole. As it entered my tight asshole I felt some pain and he was getting turned on. Once I started to relax and really enjoy the moment when he was able to really start fucking me. That is what I wanted; him to pound my ass like there was no tomorrow. Changing positions he had me bend over the exam table, as he fucked the shit out of me. He really started to go fast, and pulled me back by my shoulders and hair. Slapping my ass he thought it was funny to be so rough, but I asked him if he was close to cumming. He said yes, so I told him to get that dick out of my ass! He bent down close to the ground and proceeded to eat out my ass as he jerked off. It only took a minute before he stood up and shot his load out on my back. Now, it was time for me to blow my load. Leaning against the table he licked my balls as I got closer to cumming. When I said that I was getting close, I shot my load right on his face. He licked my cum and eat some of it. Hearing a noise come from outside the room, we knew that the doctor was close to coming in. We quickly grabbed our clothes and hurried to the corner of the room to get dressed. Once we had our clothes back on we left the room, in hopes that he wouldn't find out what we did. One of my biggest fantasies came true that day and I was excited that the doctor never came in the room.

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