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I was had to do a shadowing of a doctor at the school clinic for one of my classes, and when I arrived at the clinic they matched me up with Dr. James. He introduced himself, and then said that he was going to be performing a physical on a foreign exchange student. Dr. James started by asking Ivan the patient some questions about his health and behavior habits. He then had him take off his shirt, and lay down on the table. First, listening to the heart and lungs he moved on to palpating his stomach. Pulling Ivan's pants down he was checking to see if he had any hernias. Once, Ivan was completely naked he put on some gloves and started feeling around his groin area. After he felt that everything was fine, he had me feel Ivan's groin area to see for myself what things should feel like. Dr. James said that Ivan could use some more stimulation, so he lowered my head down to his cock putting it in my mouth. Ivan reacted by asking if this was part of the examination. Dr. James and I took turns giving head to Ivan and he just enjoyed the treatment he was getting. The two of us used our tongues in licking the cock and doing the best that we could at giving him a great blow job. Dr. James asked me if we could do another test, by having me take off my clothes and sit on Ivan's cock to test the stamina that he had. A condom was placed on Ivan's hard cock and then I climbed on top of the table over his legs and lowered my tight asshole onto this cock. Slowly the cock poked through my hole and a feeling of excitement filled my body. I began to ride that cock, like I enjoy doing so much. Soon after I got started, Dr. James presumed to suck my dick at the same time I was getting fucked. Changing up the positions the doctor had me lye on my back with my legs in the air. Ivan started to fuck my ass like he was enjoying it. Doctor James pulled off his pants and jerked off to the two of us fucking. Getting really turned on Ivan pulled out, took the condom off and started to beat off to cumming. I sat waiting for the cum to hit my stomach and turn me on so that I could bust my load. Ivan moaned as the first shot of cum landed on my belly button, I reached up and started to play with the dick. Using some of the cum as lube, I start to jerk off with it. That is when Dr. James said that he wanted in on some penetration. He lowered me down on the table and stood between my legs. Forcing his dick in my ass and fucking me pretty hard and raw. Pounding my ass he was letting out all the frustration that he had built up. Pulling out Dr. James then beat off, until he shot his load all over my asshole. A bunch of it still ended up hitting my stomach, and getting me all sticky. As it was my turn to share my load with the other two, Ivan played with my nipples and James played with my balls and jerked me off. I got really loud with my breathing as I got close to cumming, I held my breath right at the last second when the cum shot out. I started to breath and the cum covered my stomach area and was all over my hand. Dr. James made sure that I got everything that I needed while I was in his clinic. I took some of the load and licked it to show that I enjoyed it. I always like going to the clinic to see what is going on with Dr. James.

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