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I had to go to the doctors to have a physical done in order for me to compete on the soccer team for my school. I was a little nervous, because it had been a while since I last had a physical. However, right away Dr. Swallowcock made me feel really comfortable just talking about the things going on in my life. He listened to my heart, took my blood pressure. He was a hot doctor and was pretty cute. When he told me to take off my pants I didn't waste any time in doing so. The doctor felt my muscles, and stomach area before going to my groan. I took down my boxer briefs and he felt my balls. Dr. Swallowcock started to stroke my cock, and rub my cock. Getting on my hands and knees the doctor put some jelly on my ass and he proceeded to take this huge metal instrument in my ass to examine my asshole. He placed it in, and then he tried to get it as deep as possible. We had a conversation about me bottoming and topping, and then he started to rub my ass. Then, the doctor told me to do something that I had never had done before, and that was to grab his cock and play with it. The doctor got undressed as I started to give him head. Placing his head on the back of my head he wanted me to go down further. He moved down to the chair and had me get down to on my knees. I discovered that the doctor was wearing a cock ring and he said that he always tends to wear one. I licked his balls as he played this his cock, and I was getting turned on by sucking my doctor. The doctor asked me if I wanted to get fucked and of course I said yes. Who would pass up an opportunity to have sex with a hot, young doctor in his office? Bending over the bed, the doctor got in behind my ass and started to stick it in. It had been a while since I had last been fucked so it kind of hurt for the first few minutes. However, once the doctor started to get the motion going I was getting more turned on. The doctor commented that he thought that I had a tight ass. We both moved up to being on top of the bed, and the doctor fucked the shit out of my ass. He was going pretty fast for a while and I had never had sex this intense in a long time. I changed positions and I got to ride the doctor's cock for a while. This was a little harder for me because I was starting to get tired, but it felt good, and I didn't want to quit. The doctor was getting into it as well, and he had me get off of him and suck his dick again. Licking his balls, I wanted him to shot his load all over. The doctor was jerking off pretty intently for a while when he started to breath harder and grabbed his balls. I placed my face over his cock so that he would spray my face. He got it on my check and then on his lower stomach. I got up, and the doctor gave me some towels to clean up with. The two of us got dressed and he signed my slip saying that I was cleared to join the team. He said that if I ever needed a follow-up visit to schedule it with him.

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