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I got called into the school's clinic because they had been conducting experiments and it was a way for students to make some extra money while they were going to school. When I arrived I saw a guy sitting in the exam room waiting for the doctor to come in. It was Eric, who I have seen around campus. When the doctor came in he said that he was conducting a new experiment on a sexual drug, and wanted to see how it effect's both good and bad. He started the exam by listening to my lungs and heart, and taking my blood pressure as well. Then, the doctor took Eric's vitals as well. Giving us a brief overview of what could happen, he gave us each a table spoon of the medicine before telling us that he would step out for a few minutes. Right away, I notice that I started to feel very hot all over my body, and I just wanted to cool down. Eric moved in to start kissing me and that is when I told him that I was straight and had a girlfriend. He kind of laughed, and got off the table. I lied down on the table and Eric started to touch himself. He leaned in again, and we started kissing, I was kissing a guy. He started to take off my clothes and work his way down to my cock. Once I was completely naked, he took my monster of a cock in his mouth and started to suck. With him servicing my cock it felt great to have his tongue ring move around the tip of my cock. I tried to remove Eric's pants, but was having some trouble with one arm. He paused for a minute and helped me out. I played with his fairly big cock as well, by jerking him off. That was until he asked if I would suck it. I figured that it felt really good to have him suck my cock, that I should return the favor. I was able to take Eric's cock in my mouth, but he wasn't too comfortable in the position that he was in. Switching places, Eric laid down and I gave him a blow job for a while. Or at least that was until he wanted to start sucking my cock again. I liked talking dirty to him, because he seemed to get more turned on and gave better head. He climbed up on the bed over me, and we were in the 69 position for a while. Eric started telling me that he wanted me to fuck him in the ass with my huge cock. He moved to the end of the table and I jammed my cock right in there to give him a taste of the fucking that was about to come. We both started talking dirty to each other, and he was getting more turned on the harder I fucked him. Turning over and getting on his hands and knees he took that dick like a champ. He loved to be spanked really hard. We were able to fuck in many different positions, and I would have to say that I loved to have Eric's legs up in the air. As I fucked him, he yelled out that he was about to cum, and I kept going at a hard pace. He came a huge load over his leg, stomach, and cock showing that he had a great time. Eric traded places with me and I got on the table and jerked off. In order for me to burst my nut, I had to jerk off and tense all the muscles in my body. When I came it landed right at the base of my cock, and I was out of breath from the long period of jerking off. The Doctor came into the room and caught us, after everything happened. He was glad to see that the drug worked and that we would recommend it to people to try. We were able to go take a shower to clean up and then they paid us as we left the building. That was an easy check that I made and I hope they call me back to do more in the future.

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