David & Chad
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Well, it was my second day shadowing Dr. James and the first one was very interesting, I just had no idea what was going to take place on the second one. Chad our patient from the previous day came in for a follow up visit. Dr. James wasted on time in telling him to get undressed so that we could continue the examination where we left off the day before. The doctor tested me by asking me what we had done, what we had left to do, and where my skills were at. I started to suck on Chad's cock to see if I could get him hard like the day before when his cock was rock hard. His cock started to get hard in my mouth, and then the doctor took a few minutes in giving Chad some head as well. Pausing for a second the doctor started to get undressed and that was my sign that I should be doing the same thing. James had decided that we were going to test Chad anally in the exam, and the Doctor was going to go first. We had Chad move down to the end of the exam table and he put his legs up against Dr. James' chest. Putting on the condom, the doctor teased Chad by slapping his ass and rubbing his cock up against the hole. Applying some lube all over the cock and the asshole, we were ready to see some insertion. Dr. James had Chad take a deep breath in, and that is when he plunged his huge, monster of a cock all the way in his ass. Chad's jaw dropped down to the floor, as soon as the cock started to move around. He was enjoying every inch of that cock being in his ass. The doctor even bent down and kissed Chad passionately to show that they were enjoying the moment. They fucked so hard that the exam table started to bang up against the wall, letting everyone know that we were getting into a great physical in room 2. Dr. James said that the best way for me to know how to give one of these examinations was to go through one myself. He had me climb up on the table and get in the same spot that Chad was. He put on a new condom and shoved that massive cock in my ass. Now, it had been a long time since I had ever had anything up in my ass before, so when it was in it sent my body into a little bit of shock. After I started to relax a little bit and get use to there being something so big inside me, it actually started to feel good. I was starting to enjoy the motion and the speed that the doctor was going at. It didn't take me long before I got the sensation that I was going to shoot my load all over my stomach. As soon as I said that Dr. James got very excited and wanted to see for himself. Stroking my cock, I was very excited and was having an orgasm. Chad would kiss me, rub my body, and would play with the doctor. All of a sudden I could feel that the cum was starting to work its way out of my body and I was trying to hold it back. That was when I came all over my stomach and the other two in the room were ready to shoot their loads. Chad was very close and ended up shooting his load all over my upper chest covering it with cum. The doctor ended up taking a few more minutes, but he blew a giant load all over my dick. I was glad to see that we were all able to get off, and I look forward to keeping my internship at this hospital and hope that everyday can be as fun as this last week at the clinic.

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