David & Chad
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While going to medical school part of the requirement is being an intern for some kind of a medical clinic. I found a clinic at a college that has some openings for P.A. and so I took the job. My first day on the job they had me paired up with Dr. James, and he cracked some jokes at me when he introduced himself. He then called the patient into the room, and it was Chad, who was 19, and was getting ready for college. Dr. James started to take his personal medical history down, and get to know about the patient. We then had Chad take off his shirt so that we could listen to his chest and check out his organs. Removing his pants and underwear he got undressed off the table exposing his body parts for us to see. The doctor had me take his temperature, but at this office they do it anally because they want the most accurate reading they can get. Chad didn't seem to have a problem with it, and maybe he just thought that it was a little weird as well. Dr. James had him turn back over and that is where he started to touch his cock, and balls area. Pulling on the dick and starting to make it grow he said that it was always better to examine to make sure that everything is ok. He had me take over, and I started to stroke his cock. It was taking a while for anything to happen and that is when I bent down and took the growing cock in my mouth to suck on it. It started to get even harder between my jaws, and the doctor said that he would show me some more techniques. The two medical professionals went back and forth on sucking on Chad's dick. We knew that he was very turned on by it. And at one point the doctor had me take off my shirt, because it was getting so hot in the room. I leaned over and started kissing Chad, and he was enjoying the doctor's visit. He made some great faces showing that he was getting close to having an orgasm, and that is when the doctor said that he wanted to test out the gag reflex on the patient. Chad started to give me head by leaning his head to the side and starting to suck my cock. He wasn't half bad! We did this oral chain and worked our way around sucking and touching each other. I noticed that the doctors pants were getting tighter from the boner that he had in there. I started to undue his buckle and then the underwear worked their way down towards the floor. Chad went for the buff doctor's monster cock. Dr. James was the first one that had his orgasm and shot his load all over Chad's face and he enjoyed it. I think that he would have licked it, if the doctor would have moved closer. Right after the doctor bent over and started to suck on Chad's dick once again. I stood there getting ready to bust a nut on Chad's face as well. My load didn't go very far and ended up on his armpit and over my hand. I rubbed it all over his chest and he got turned on by that. The doctor put some more lube on his dick and then he busted his nut all over his stomach and he felt so much better. Dr. James told him that he had to come back in tomorrow for a follow up visit. Chad seemed very happy to be able to come back in for another exam.

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