Mario's Follow-up
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I went in to the doctor because I was feeling like I was getting a cold, and I was seeing Dr. James again. He saw me for a physical that I had to do for the clinic. Dr. James had me lay down on the table without my shirt so that he could listen to my heart and lungs. He said that everything sounded fine, but that he wanted to check things out further as he undid my pants and stripped me of my clothes. Touching my soft, limp cock he started to get me turned on. It didn't take much as he lowered his mouth down to my cock and start to give me a blow job. As his mouth glided up and down the shaft of my cock, his hand played with my balls. Pulling on them, he was getting me excited and more turned on. After only a few minutes into my exam, the doctor started to get more comfortable by taking off his shirt, and whipping out his cock. Reaching right over, there I had wanted to return the favor to him, since he was doing so well at giving my cock some much needed attention. Moving his body up closer to mine he started to moan as I started to give him a sloppy blow job. I liked running my dick along his cock, because that seemed to get him more excited. The two of us went back and forth for a while giving head and touching one another. Dr. James stopped everything and told me that he wanted to probe inside me to check things out. Putting a condom on his dick he placed his cock inside me sending me into shock. Then, he was able to start pumping and thrusting his dick inside me. Spanking my ass, Dr. James was enjoying pounding the hell out of my ass. I grabbed the table holding onto the sides to brace myself from this huge dick from being inside me. He stopped me after a few minutes and then had me get on the table on my back. Sticking his cock in me once more he started to fuck me harder. The doctor was starting to sweat and his body was starting to shine. The table made noises as it rattled from all the fucking that we were doing. My dick had gone limp, so he started to play with it, to get me turned on with his dick inside my tight asshole. Dr. James legs were getting tired, so he climbed up on the table and kept the pounding going once more. He was fucking me better than any other guy had ever done, and I wish I could come to the doctors more often for this kind of a treatment. Dr. James stopped fucking me, but he kept his cock in my ass to keep me turned on. Then, he started to jerk me off. It didn't take long before my dick shot my load all over my stomach and was very thick. Pulling his cock he stroked his cock above mine and shot right on my cock and on my load. There was cum running all over my stomach and all down the sides. The doctor handed me some towels and then I cleaned myself off. I was curious as to if the nurses know what all Dr. James does with his patients. But, I am very happy with his practice, and I will be a returning patient.

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