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I had to go into the school's clinic before I could start my semester, and they told me that I could just walk right in and see any of their doctors. That afternoon when I went in, I was seen by Doctor James. He started the exam by asking me simple health questions and getting to know my habits. When he was finished with the questions he set down the clipboard behind him, while telling me to take off my shirt. Using his stethoscope he listened to my heart and lungs, before palpating my upper body. Afterward he had me remove my pants so that he could check out my lower body. Lifting up my underwear, he slipped his hand down inside and began to fill around making sure that nothing hurt. Having me take my underwear completely off, Dr. James put on a pair of gloves, and I didn't know what he was going to do. He asked me about my workout schedule and what I liked to do. Taking a hold of my cock, he started to squeeze and touch it as it grew into a nice big boner. The doctor told me he was going to take my temperature, and to do that I needed to turn over. Getting on all fours, he stuck his finger in my ass to prepare it for the thermometer that was about to come. As he stuck it into my ass, he kind of played with it, and moved it around. Turning over once he was done he had me lay back down on my backside, noticing the huge boner that I had going on. He started to stroke it, and asked if he could suck it. Placing my cock in his mouth he started to give me a great blowjob. If this was the way the campus was going to always treat me I was going to have a great year. Taking off his clothes, Doctor James proceeded to get naked with me showing off his scalped body from head to toe. As he jerked me off, I played with his cock as well. Stroking it at different speeds as he tried to get me off, he got turned on and moaned a lot touching me. After a while Dr. James asked me to get down on my knees because he wanted to test my gag reflex. I thought that I gave good head, so it was a pleasure to show him my skills. He had me deep-throat his cock a couple of times for his pure enjoyment, which turned me on even more. Jerking off in front of me, he sprayed his load all over my chest. He came a huge load of clear, runny cum all over my chest. He had me return to being on the table where he wanted to jerk me off until I cummed. I let out some moans as the cum exploded out of my cock all over my stomach. I was glad that everything went well, and Dr. James wants me to come back into the clinic in about a week for a follow-up. I look forward to coming back.

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