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My baseball coach ordered me into the school's clinic for an endurance test, and I had no idea what that meant. The nurse showed me back into the room and told me to get down to my shirt and underwear. Dr. Phingerphuk had me take off my shirt and he started the examine by listening to my heart and looking in my mouth. Then, he started to palpate my stomach and chest for tender areas. Pulling down my underwear the doctor had to examine me and I didn't know that this was something the doctor's usually do. Dr. Phingerphuk put on some gloves and examined my cock and balls. Rolling over the doctor put a drop of lube on my asshole and he used his finger to get it right there. He placed a thermometer in my ass for a minute to let it get an accurate reading. I could have told him that I was feeling fine, but doctors never believe you. With my legs wide apart the doctor placed his finger in my very tight hole and it was hard for me to relax and let him do it. I have never had a finger or anything in my ass before this visit. At the same time as he fingered me, he stroked my cock to get me hard. Once I was hard the concentrated the exam on my cock, by continuing the stroking. Dr. Phingerphuk attached this electric shock thing to my cock and it felt very weird. The doctor changed the levels of shock and stroked my cock at the same time. Now, I was enjoying the exam and this was feeling good. I moaned and was starting to have an orgasm, and he stopped to take the device off. Dr. Phingerphuk jerked me off again and I just wanted to shot my load because it was feeling so good. He ended up jerking me off for a while just because I didn't seem to get to the point that I could just blow my load. However, when I did the cum shot out of me like cannon and it was everywhere. The doctor was very impressed and he took a sample of the cum for a new experimental drug that he was working on. He told me that he wanted me to come back the next day for another test and I told him that I would show up. The nurse came in and gave me some rags to clean up. That was a very weird exam that he put me through. Thanks coach!

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