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I went into the school clinic and explained that I wasn't feeling so well to Dr. Swallowcock. Really what it came down to was that I went out with the buddies last night and now I am paying for it with a hangover. The Doctor started by taking my blood pressure and he told me that there was some meds that he could give me to make me feel better. The doctor started to examine me and started with palpating my lower abdominal for hernias. That is when he had me stand and remove my shorts. He grabbed a hold of my testicles and his hands were very cold. After turning my head to give the famous cough I was able to put my underwear back on. Laying back down on the table the doctor was checking to see if I was still having problems in the same area as a hernia that I had removed. Dr. Swallowcock started to touch around and over my cock on the outside of my underwear and that is when I noticed that I was getting a little turned on. I wanted to make sure that this was normal and he said it was a way to relieve the tension. He had me take my briefs off and he started to jerk me off. After a short time, when I was hard he started to suck on my cock. He paused and asked me if my head ache was going away. I told him a little bit and the doctor continued to see if he could help. What was funny was the fact that I was precumming so much from him jerking me off. He used my precum as lube to get me off. The doctor reached for a bottle and told me what it was, but honestly I didn't really care I was enjoying the exam. As the doctor jerked me off he played with my nipples and used his tongue to turn them on. When he was jerking me off, what we getting me closer to cumming was the fact that he was concentrating on the tip of my penis more. I started to breath a little louder and letting him know that I was going to cum. My load went all over his hand and my thigh, and the doctor made sure to get every drop out. The doctor said that he would get me the pill and he told me that I would have to come back for another follow up visit.

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