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I couldn't take it any more, the cold that I was had was getting to be to much. I decided to stop by the school clinic to see a doctor, because the cost is really cheap there, and I still get the meds that I need. I stopped in to see the first doctor that was going to be available and the nurse took me back to one of the exam rooms. I waited there for about 15 minutes, before Doctor Swallowcock came in and started to examine me. He had me take off my shirt and started to listen to my lungs. He said that I had bronchitis, and he had me stand up for him in front of the table to further check me out. The doctor then proceeded to ask me about my sex life and I had to tell him that I had both a girlfriend and a boyfriend as well. Dropping my pants Dr. Swallowcock had me get naked and he felt my testicles. Turning my head to the side I coughed as he examined the first one, and then he checked the other ball. After that he had me bend over the table and made a comment about how I had a nice ass. That is when he asked me if I am a top or bottom. I told him that I was a top, and he couldn't believe it with my ass. The doctor explained that he sometimes gets horny while he is examining patients and wants to play with them. He asked me if it was ok for the two of us to continue on. He bent over and took my cock in his mouth and started to swallow it to the base. As he gave me head he started to rub his own cock, and I noticed the bulge in his pants getting bigger. He grabbed some lube in his hand and started to jerk me off, and I have never had a hand job that felt this good. Twisting and rotating his hand around the shaft of my cock I got all turned on and I held back as long as I could from not having an orgasm. He even used his own spit to lube up my cock at one point. He took a seat on the table next to me, and blocked my view from seeing what he was doing. I was only able to feel what was going on, as he stroked my massive boner. He liked to keep it lubed and so he spit a couple more times, and it was kind of hot to have the doctor's spit on my cock. Gripping my cock even tighter around the base he was starting to get me to have an orgasm. I told him that I was going to shot my load and he told me to go for it. That is when he pointed my dick straight up in the air to prepare for me shooting my load. The first part of my load came out and covered the tip of my cock and started to run down over his hand. The doctor was breathing harder than I was and I think that he was really turned on at this point. I was really relaxed after that, and he told me that he would get me a prescription for my bronchitis. Due to the fact that the doctor thinks that I am hot, he told me that if I ever need to come in for a visit that I could just walk right in. It is very cool, knowing that I can do that whenever I want some oral action.

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