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Well, my name is William and I when to visit Dr. Phingerphuk and he was going to help me out with getting an internship with his clinic. The last doctor that we had on internship was doing porn for a company in Ft. Lauderdale, so we had to let him go. He told me about this one patient, John that he was examining that wanted to be able to take a whole double ended dildo. He had the patient go through a general exam going over blood pressure, temperature and more. Dr. Phingerphuk had to check the John's prostate by inserting his finger into the asshole and feeling around. John then started to get aroused and as the doctor continued the exam with his legs in the air. Deep breathing and some light moaning came from the patients as the model was getting into the fingering. Doctor had him change into different positions so that he could really get in there to take a closer look. John was in some discomfort the more the finger went in deeper, but he started to relax after a while. Then, Dr. Phingerphuk took a penis pump and used it on him, and slowly his penis started to grow as the blood collected in the tissues of his penis. Taking a long black double ended dildo in his ass, with lots of lube he started to take it. It was a double ended dildo and starting very slowly the doctor started to insert the dildo in his ass. Working it in inch by inch the doctor was able to get it all the way inside his ass. Once the dildo got all the way inside, John was able to get fucked by it with long, hard strokes in the ass. He was more turned on the rougher the sex got. Taking the penis pump off of John's cock he started to play with himself. Once again John was able to take the whole dildo in his ass, he made it disappear. When it was gone out of site, he started to jack off, but Dr. Phingerphuk took over rubbing his cock. Beginning the process of taking the dildo back out of John's ass by playing with it Phingerphuk did it slow. When it was almost out he started to fuck him with it, and with being so hard John shouted that he was going to cum. John came all over his stomach and it was very creamy and runny. Dr. Phingerphuk took the dildo out of John's ass, and then he took some of John's cum and injected into his ass. As for me I don't know if I got a job at the clinic I am still waiting on hearing word back from them.

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