Seth & Rex
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My friend Seth and I came in to the doctor's clinic for a drug study on DEP23, and we both needed the money. We met Dr. Rimmerman at the clinic and he gave us a sample and he made us chill in the room. After just a few minutes I was starting to feel really hot and I took off my shirt to cool off. The nurse was really hot, but she wouldn't come into the room, so I told Seth that he should suck my dick. Of course, he didn't want to do, but at the time I put my hand on his neck and placed his head down to my cock. Seth undid my pants and pulled them down to my ankles. He took a hold of my cock and started to suck it pretty nice. I place my hand on the back of his head and placed his had up and down to the speed I liked. Seth used his hand and the same time of his mouth to give me a good blow job. The doctor walked in and started to take notes on what was going on in the room. Then, the doctor got in on the action and he started to jerk me off and get undressed. The doctor took a seat next to me on the bed and then Seth started to suck and touch the two of us. Seth got undressed and seemed to be able to do a good job of sucking dick at the same time. My buddy and I never messed around before; I have never done anything with a guy before. The doctor asked if Seth wanted to have a dick in his ass, and he responded yes. I was shocked as hell, what was going on. I didn't know my buddy would ever taking one up the butt. The doctor had me lie down on the bed, and then Seth leaned over the edge of the bed and sucked my cock as the Doctor started to finger him in the asshole. He used his hands to spread apart his cheeks to see inside. After a while of fingering him, and playing with Seth's ass the Dr. Rimmerman started to fuck the shit out of Seth. The doctor asked me if I wanted to give it a shot and have a piece of Seth's ass, I was horny as fuck with the drug working. I slapped on a condom as fast as I could and got behind Seth. With his legs high up in the air, I place my way into his tight little ass hole and it felt great as I fucked him. After a while I was able to get fully hard and all the way in Seth's ass. He was moaning and it sounded like he was enjoying having his ass fucked. I took my dick out of his ass and then I came all over Seth's dick. The doctor got behind Seth and continued to keep fucking him in the ass to see if he could get Seth to cum. The doctor was fucking him in a couple of positions and then the doctor sprayed his load all over Seth. We got cleaned up and the drug wore off as we collected our checks and headed out to our cars. This is one experience I hope to forget and plan on blaming the drug.

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