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I had to do a pledge to get into a fraternity and the boys dared me to go into the doctor's office to get my prostate examined. Dr. Swallowcock was actually very cool about it and said that he would go along and help me out. I crawled up on the bed and he started to examine me with his stethoscope. I dropped my shorts and he had me come around to the end of the bed. Reaching into my pants he started to feel around and I took off my underwear for him to be able to get a better feel. He couldn't tell if he felt something on my testicles so he had me get up on the bed and he got a better feel. He asked if he could help me relax and that he knew a couple of tricks to make that happen. The doctor lowered his warm mouth down to my cock and began to suck it. The doctor took off his lab coat and continued with licking my balls and giving my cock some well needed attention. Deep-throating was something that the doctor was very good at, taking it all in his mouth and leaving nothing out. The doctor had me hard and horny to get it on. I had to return the favor to the doctor so I got on my stomach and started to service his cock. I was able to deep-throat, but not as well as the doctor for sure. Using my mouth I was able to lick and suck his cock for a while and was enjoying this doctor's visit. He leaned over my body and started to suck my cock at the same time. We were getting into the moment and the doctor put a condom on and started to stick his dick in my ass. He started slow and worked it all the way in my ass. I started to moan out loud and the doctor leaned down and we started to kiss for a brief second before he went back to fucking me. The doctor worked his way up on the bed and was fucking me with my legs high up in the air. I rolled over more on my side for him to get in deeper in my ass. I hoped that after this my brothers were going to let me in for going through all of this. Leaning over the bed, the doctor got behind me and was able to fuck me faster in this position. I was enjoying the fucking and as the doctor pounded my ass I prepared to shoot my load on the bed but it was a false alarm for a minute and I had to try again. I started to ride the doctor on the bed and I could tell that this was the doctor's favorite position that we had been in. I started to have my orgasm and I shot my load on the doctor's stomach and he liked it. After I pulled off the doctor's cock and he shot his load with in just a minute and it was huge. He came and it was runny and he cleared my prostate for the house. I kissed the doctor goodbye as I went to the bathroom to clean up after that great examination.

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