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My name is Cody, and I am 19, and I had to get a physical exam by a doctor to approve me to be on the team, so that I could compete with my swim team. The doctor had me lay down and he started to check me out. Lifting my arms, my legs he was giving me an exam from head to toe. Snapping his gloves on his hands he prepared to take my temperature in my ASS. I had never had that done; my mother never had to do that to me when I was a kid. As soon as he lubed up my hole he worked the thermometer into asshole, and it was no surprise to me that I was fine and had no issues. He had me flip over and he whipped my ass. Dr. Rimmerman then said that he had to check my prostate to make sure that I was ok, by putting his finger in my ass and moving it around. I coughed a couple of times and then the doctor and my coach were hot from the heat in the building and took off some of their clothes. The doctor started to lick my asshole, but the coach said that he was a professional so I let him continue. It felt great so far, but I really didn't want to say anything. The doctor started to give me and it was great! Moving to the end of the bed, the doctor had me lift my feet high in the air and coach took a hold of them. As he started to finger my ass, I took a hold of coach's cock and started to play with it on the outside of his pants. I wanted them to do whatever they needed to in order to pass me to keep playing on the team. Coach pulled down his pants right in my face and his cock was right there. Placing it in my mouth I had started to suck off coach's hard cock in my mouth. He put his hand on the back of my head and placed me to keep going. Changing to a better position coach got up on the bed and laid down in front of me so that I could continue to suck his cock. Doc got in behind me and lubed up my ass in order for him to play with it. As the toy went into my ass I remember that I kept my mind on what I was doing to the coach so that I wouldn't pussy out. I could tell that I had to do what the doctor said so that he would pass me on my physical. Turning on the toy the vibration was turning me on and actually helping me to relax. He slapped my ass, and he wanted to put a real cock in my hole. As the Dr. Rimmerman got in behind me and inched his way inside me I grunted and moan as I didn't know what else to do. I laid down on my back, and the doctor wanted to test out my throat to make sure that I was ok and didn't have tonsillitis. I swallowed the doctor's order, and I was ready for the doctor to continue his exam. He got in behind me and started to work his way in. Increasing the speed he started to really pound away and fuck the shit out of me. It felt good to have him inside me and I wanted him to keep going. He made sure that he got all the way into my ass with every bit of his cock. The doctor laid down on the bed and I started to ride him while the doctor sucked on my coach. It was hot to see the two older guys messing around with each other in front of me. Then, the two of them switch and the coach fucked me and I think both guys were having a lot of fun having their way with me. As the coach fucked me at a good speed I told them I was going to cum and I came right up his chest and loved it. Coach shot his load on my face and then the doctor came on my ass. I was glad that they got me cleaned up and signed my slip okaying me to be on the team. That was one doctor's visit that I will never forget.

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