Kris, Coach, & Doc
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My coach brought me in to the doctor so that I could get a physical in order for me to participate in the competition. Dr. Rimmerman took my history, and since I was 21, and I think in great health, but they had to have it. The doctor started with listening to my heart, and he had a very corny sense of humor. He then had me get naked and I asked for the couch to stay in the room because I was kind of nervous as to what the doctor was going to be doing. Dr. Rimmerman put on some gloves and started to give me an exam, with feeling different areas. He said to trust what he was going to do, because he has been in the practice for a very long time. The doctor started to feel my penis, and then his soft lips started and suck me off. It felt good, but not like what my girlfriend usually does. He had me put my legs up and then he proceeded to put some lube on my asshole. Sticking his finger in my ass it felt very weird at first, but he had me cough a couple of times. My coach then stepped in to help out the doctor and I just kept my eyes closed as hands covered my body and sent good sensations all over. My coach took off his shirt and then was jerking me off, while the doctor proceeded to finger my ass hole. This was a weird, new experience but as long as I got to compete that was all that I was after. I kept my eyes closed for fact that it was much easier for me to pretend that my girlfriend was sucking on my cock and playing with my butt. The doctor rolled me up into a ball and it felt so good with him tongue fucking my ass. I told the doctor to keep going because I just wanted to get done so I could compete. The doctor then put a condom on and he slowly inched his way into my ass. I had NEVER had a cock in my ass before and to have this done felt very weird, but good at the same time. The doctor got more lube and then he started to fuck me faster. I was getting into the moment and just started going with the flow and the doctor had kissed me. Fucking me was something new, but with the room being so hot, the other two guys around me, how could I stop what was going on? I was having a good time, the doctor moved me up on the bed and lifted my legs higher in the air for him to bound me deep in the ass. I had a nice size boner going on with the docs cock in my ass. He was really rode me and I was getting closer to coming. I sprayed my load all over my stomach and legs and I was so relieved to cum. The doctor signed off on my form and I was able to be on the team to compete. My parents, coach, and teams were glad that I was able to help us win in the championship.

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