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My name is Christian and I went to visit Dr. Rimmerman after one of my swim practices when I started getting this sharp pain in my upper thigh. Doctor had me come in and take a seat on the bed, while he started to assess my injury and figure out what is wrong. As he started to move his hand up my leg the pain started to increase. And then he put his hand to the side of my penis and there was some pain in that area. The Doctor stopped so that he could take some vital signs and he had a funny sense of humor and was very comfortable to be around. I am 21, and I have a girlfriend who likes to come to all my swim meets. The doctor proceeded to want to check out my testicles to see if they were ok. He helped to take off my pants, and put on some gloves to examine me. I was pretty nervous, but he kept talking to me and that helped to make me comfortable. He started to rub my thigh and touch my butt hole. I couldnt his. He began to run his hand up my body, and to be very honest it tickled and felt good all at the same time. His hand started to go around my balls and feel my dick. I have never had a doctor touch me in the way that he was, but it felt very good. My mind wasn't concentrating on the pain anymore and I was just laying there letting him do this thing. He had me roll over so that he could take my temperature, and he explained that by taking the temp from my butt it would be more precise. He rubbed some lubricate on my butt hole and then with some gloves on he inserted the thermometer in my ass with my legs up in the air. With his hands rubbing my ass, it kept my mind off of what was going on. After he told me I was fine, he cleaned me up. The doctor told me that he was going to use his tongue to help me relax and he started to lick my asshole. It felt GREAT! I had never had that done before and I could feel my heart start to race. He had me flip over and he started to run his tongue up my body and while he did that he rubbed my pulled thigh muscle. He started to suck on my cock and give me a good blow job. I moved down to the end of the bed, and with my legs in the air and he pressed his tongue into my asshole. Kissing and licking my asshole he told me that it was ok to moan and make some noise. Getting into the doggie position the doctor proceeded to rim my asshole and stick his tongue keep inside my ass. Licking my balls and the shaft of my penis I was very turned on by what had been happening. He then stuck his finger in my ass and this was more of a new experience as well. He cleaned up my asshole and started to suck me off again. Jerking me off, he was able to get me to cum and I could not believe that I got that load in the office. I felt so much better, and the pain in my leg was gone. I had a good time at the doctors, and will have to go back for a check up in the future to make sure I am ok.

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