Nurse Matt Gives Patient Max A Massage
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The nurse has the patient stand up and perform some stretches while assessing his body. After careful examination, the nurse determines that it's the patient's muscles causing his back pain. However, this type of treatment is not covered by the patient's insurance. But the nurse offers some alternative options, which the patient agrees to. The treatment begins and the nurse assures the patient that he will feel much looser once he leaves the clinic.

While examining the patient, the nurse noticed that he was getting an erection. Without hesitation, the nurse began to touch and explore the bulge underneath the patient's underwear. The patient couldn't resist the arousal and the nurse removed his underwear, proceeding to give oral pleasure. As the nurse sucked on the patient's large cock with intensity, teasing and licking every inch of it, the patient couldn't help but reciprocate by grabbing onto the nurse's own bulging erection, removing his pants and under wear. The patient was amazed by the size of the nurse's throbbing member and eagerly began to suck on it as well. The intense deep-throating brought tears to the patient's eyes with satisfaction.

With his arousal at its peak, the nurse's desires went beyond just oral pleasure. He leaned over the patient and expertly lubed his hole with saliva and his skilled tongue. As the patient eagerly enjoyed this examination, their body yearned for more stimulation. Standing up, the nurse thrusts his large cock into the patient's tight opening, penetrating it with powerful and deep strokes. Flipping the patient onto his back, the nurse continues to pound him relentlessly, driving his cock in and out of the now loosened anus. The patient moans in ecstasy as the nurse relentlessly pleases them, eventually triggering a massive orgasm that leaves both of them spent. The nurse finishes by releasing his hot climax onto the patient's hole before resuming their intense lovemaking once again. As they move together in perfect rhythm, the patient lets out one final breath before experiencing an explosive orgasm that covers their body with warm cum

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