Boys Thank The Doctor Properly
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The boys make a stop at the clinic to see their doctor, expressing their gratitude for all he has done for
them in the past. It was a rare sight for the doctor, as he had never had a student or patient show their
appreciation in this way before. However, both the boys and the doctor had some ideas brewing in their
minds during this unexpected visit.

The boys chatted cheerfully with the Doctor, while James stood up and grabbed the bulge in the
Doctor's pants. He then proceeded to pull down the Doc's pants and remove his underwear, revealing a
fully erect member. Without hesitation, James eagerly took the throbbing shaft into his mouth.
Suddenly, both the Doc and James effortlessly lifted TJ onto the exam table. They then took turns
expertly pleasuring TJ's long and hard cock with their mouths, causing him to moan in pleasure.

The Doctor gently flipped TJ over, exposing his youthful, toned body to the room. Both James and the
Doctor leaned in to explore TJ's tight hole with their tongues, sending shivers of pleasure through his
body. TJ was reveling in the attention of these two attractive men, his skin flushed and his heart racing.
The air was filled with the heady scent of arousal and the sounds of moans and heavy breathing. Every
touch and caress felt electric as they worshiped him together, igniting a fire within him that he never
knew existed.

Without any hesitation, the Doctor positioned himself behind TJ and thrust his thick, hard member into
him. James, eager to join in on the action, climbed onto the exam table and instructed TJ to take care of
his erection while watching the Doctor penetrate TJ's youthful and tight opening.
James decided he wanted to join in on the fun and swapped positions with the Doctor. After the Doctor
had prepared him, James entered TJ's hole with his large cock and began thrusting deep and hard.
Meanwhile, the Doctor watched as TJ pleasured him orally, turning up the volume of his moans as he
watched these two boys engaging in intense sexual activity.

The Doctor instructed James to flip TJ onto his back and continue penetrating him. In the moment,
James couldn't hold back any longer and decided to ejaculate inside TJ's hole instead of pulling out. His
fresh semen filled TJ's cavity as it began to ooze out. James then leaned down and licked up the cum
from TJ's boyish anus. Seeing that TJ was now ready, the Doctor inserted himself into the mix and
thrust his penis into TJ's used hole, finishing the job with a hard and raw fuck. The Doctor also chose to
release his seed inside TJ's hole, officially breeding him for the first time. As the two men completed
their task, they coached TJ to ejaculate as he masturbated, releasing his climax all over his body.

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