Doctor My Penis Is Always Erect
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Danny is back for a follow-up exam for his priapism, a condition where his penis remains in a constant
state of erection. The doctor wanted to make sure everything was okay, so he performed a brief
checkup, listening to Danny's heart and taking his blood pressure, which could potentially be linked to
his ongoing erection issue.

After a brief consultation, the Doctor proposed some alternative options that he convinced Danny to
try. He instructed Danny to kneel down and then removed his pants, revealing his erect penis in front of
Danny's face. The Doctor guided Danny's hand to stroke his cock before instructing him to place it in
his mouth. Danny eagerly sucked on the throbbing member, teasing the head with his tongue and
licking the doctor's balls.

After teaching Danny the proper technique for oral sex, the Doctor eagerly removed his underwear,
revealing his hard and pulsing penis. Without hesitation, the Doctor took hold of Danny's member and
expertly began to suck on it. It was clear that the Doctor had plenty of experience in this area, and
Danny couldn't help but enjoy every second of it.

The Doctor positioned himself on the exam table and directed Danny to start licking his newly shaved
anus. With skill, Danny moistened the area with saliva before using his tongue to drive the Doctor wild
with pleasure. Lost in the moment, Danny asked if he could insert his erect penis into the Doctor's anus,
to which the Doctor agreed, saying it was the perfect next step in the examination.

Danny, his arousal encouraged by the sight and touch of Doc's body, carefully inserts his cock into
Doc's tight anus. At first, there is resistance, but Danny takes his time and moves in with slow,
deliberate motions. The Doctor, now fully aroused, guides Danny on proper technique as they both find
pleasure in the intimate act of anal sex. The sounds of their breaths and moans fill the room as they
move together in a steady rhythm. Danny quickly catches on and soon their bodies are moving
harmoniously, lost in the pleasure of each other's touch. The intense sensations and connection between
them heighten as they continue to explore the depths of pleasure through this forbidden act.

Danny's powerful hands flipped the Doctor onto his back, taking control of their lovemaking. He thrust
into the Doctor with renewed vigor, driven by a primal desire that had been building within him. The
sound of skin slapping against skin filled the room as they moved together in a passionate dance. With
each thrust, Danny felt himself nearing his peak, and the intensity only grew as he watched the Doctor
writhe beneath him in pleasure. Finally, unable to hold back any longer, Danny reached his climax and
erupted in a wave of ecstasy, unleashing all the pent-up tension from his throbbing erection. The young
and attractive patient was releasing all of his pent-up sexual energy, causing the Doctor to climax as
well. As they both lay panting, spent from their wild and uninhibited release, Danny knew that this was
just the beginning of an unforgettable night together.

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