Dr Help Me I Need A Refill
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Danny was skipping school to visit the clinic and refill his prescription for Adderall, with his friend TJ
joining him. While they waited, TJ asked Danny for some of his medication. But Danny wasn't going to
hand it over without getting something in return. After some persuasion from Danny, things escalated
and the two boys ended up kissing and making love passionately.

Danny's lips parted and he made the first move, his tongue eagerly tracing the length of TJ's long,
throbbing cock. With each slurp and tease, Danny savored every inch of TJ's girth. But that wasn't his
ultimate goal. He wanted TJ to return the favor, to taste his pleasure as well. And with TJ's skilled
mouth, he was not disappointed. The wet heat engulfed him as TJ gave Danny a sloppy, yet satisfying
blowjob. Their bodies intertwined in a dance of lust and desire, their moans mixing in a symphony of

Danny had a plan to make TJ earn those pills, so he proposed an idea: he wanted to be taken roughly.
TJ obliged and bent Danny over the exam table, eagerly rimming his smooth, boyish hole and driving
him wild with pleasure.

With his hole freshly prepared, Danny was eager for more as TJ slid his long cock inside. Danny's
moans of pleasure grew louder and his breaths became heavier as he took in every inch of TJ's member.
In a fit of passion, TJ flipped Danny over onto his back and continued to thrust harder and faster.
Danny's arousal was building, evident in the throbbing of his cock as it was ready to explode. As TJ
continued to pound into him without restraint, Danny climaxed first, shooting streams of hot jizz all
over himself. This triggered TJ to cum as well, releasing his load all over Danny's body with intense

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