Dr Help Me Pass The Drug Test
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James received a call from the clinic, reminding him of his yearly drug test for any substances that
could enhance his abilities. During his check-up with Dr. Sage, James confessed to taking performance-
enhancing drugs and expressed his need to pass the upcoming drug test. Dr. Sage presented alternative
options to help James pass the test.

The Doctor ordered James to kneel and perform oral sex on him. James obediently licked and tasted
every inch of the Doctor's well-formed member, savoring its size and shape. The Doctor switched
places and placed his lips closed around James's large, throbbing cock as they both indulged in their
passionate cock-sucking session. The heat and pressure of his mouth sent shivers down James's spine,
causing his hips to buck involuntarily. The Doctor's skilled tongue caressed every inch of his member,
sending waves of pleasure through his body. Each moan and gasp only fueled their intense desire for
each other. At that moment, nothing else mattered except the pure ecstasy they shared.

The Doctor desired more from James and directed him to bend over and penetrate him anally. But
before proceeding, James skillfully used his tongue to pleasure the Doctor's pink entrance, causing him
to crave James's sizable member. Once the Doctor was sufficiently prepared and aroused, James
entered his tight anus with his large cock.

Thrusting in with full force, the Doctor savored every inch of penetration. Both men moaned with
increasing intensity as James took control and flipped the Doctor over, continuing to pound him
relentlessly. The pleasure overtook the Doctor, causing him to climax and release a stream of hot jizz
while James continued to thrust. The sight of the Doctor's orgasm triggered James to pull out and
ejaculate all over his partner's glistening member.
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