James Takes Teammate Danny To Doc
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James accompanied his teammate, Danny, to the clinic so that he could get his back aligned. James
argued that they could have done it in the locker room instead of going all the way to the clinic.
To demonstrate to Danny, James had him stand up and flex his back and other muscles. The two boys
stood close together, their skin barely touching as they moved in unison. With each touch, a spark of
electricity passed between them, igniting a fire that neither could resist. Their lips met in a passionate
kiss, tongues exploring and hands roaming over each other's bodies. What started as innocent stretching
soon turned into an intense session of oral pleasure, as James eagerly took Danny's hard cock into his
mouth and began to slurp and suck on it with abandon. Danny moaned and writhed with pleasure as
James expertly worked his mouth along his shaft and balls, sending waves of ecstasy through his body.
At that moment, there was nothing else in the world but the two of them lost in the heat of the moment
and consumed by their desire for each other.

James lifts Danny from the floor to continue their oral exercises, and they engage in a standing sixty-
nine position where they both pleasure each other's cocks. After a while, Danny drops to his knees and
continues to pleasure James's rock-hard member with his mouth. James is impressed by Danny's
skillful technique, but he wants to take things further. He bends Danny over and begins to intimately
explore Danny's smooth, boyish anus with his tongue, teasing and preparing it for what comes next.
James wanted to make sure that Danny was fully prepared, so he gently pressed his hard, throbbing
cock into Danny's tight, velvety anus. The initial resistance caused James to go slow, tenderly easing
his way in until Danny's body relaxed and welcomed him. With each thrust, James could feel the heat
and tightness of Danny's inner walls, sending shivers of pleasure through both of their bodies. As they
moved together in a rhythm as old as time itself, Danny couldn't help but vocalize his ecstasy with
moans and gasps. James held onto Danny's hips, guiding them both towards an explosive climax that
left them both breathless and satisfied.

After finishing his stretching exercises, James flipped Danny over and increased the intensity of their
lovemaking. The two boys were now moaning and breathing heavily as they both reached their climax.
Danny was the first to finish, ejaculating onto his chest, which caused James to also reach his climax
and spray his semen all over Danny's testicles.

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