Dr Sage Fucks Tj Raw
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Having shed 100lbs, TJ decided to visit the clinic for a check-up with his doctor. With a new weight
training regimen in mind, he wanted to make sure his body was prepared for the physical challenge
When TJ visited the clinic, he was seen by Dr. Sage, a 32-year-old with a charming youthfulness and a
fresh approach as a new doctor gaining experience in their prime. TJ eagerly awaited his turn to see Dr.
Sage and shared his weight loss routine before requesting a physical examination to ensure he was fit
enough for this new regimen.
The Doctor began his routine examination, but soon it was time to check the patient's prostate. He
gently turned the patient over and proceeded with a careful digital exam, paying close attention to any
irregularities. Once finished, he turned TJ back around and continued with a thorough penis exam. He
inspected every inch with his eyes, hands, and even his mouth, ensuring no detail went unnoticed. The
patient felt both embarrassed and aroused as the Doctor's expert touches explored every crevice of his
manhood. It was a strange yet oddly intimate experience, one that brought a mix of discomfort and
pleasure to the patient's body. But he trusted in the Doctor's expertise and knew he was in good hands
Dr. Sage was determined to give TJ a thorough examination, so he had him get on his knees and
demonstrate his oral skills. Despite being an expert at sucking dick, the Doctor needed to conduct a
more in-depth deep tissue exam using his engorged member for better accuracy. Leaning over TJ on the
exam table, Dr. Sage penetrates his juicy tight hole with his penis and begins thrusting slowly in and
out. With each movement, TJ moans in pleasure, thoroughly enjoying this part of the exam.
The Doctor's hunger for exploration and pleasure was insatiable as he delved deeper into TJ's anal
cavity. With each probing thrust, he pushed the boundaries of pleasure and pushed TJ to his limits.
Suddenly, with a forceful movement, the Doctor flipped TJ onto his back, intensifying the exam even
more. The sound of skin slapping against skin filled the room as the Doctor vigorously fucked TJ, their
bodies moving in perfect sync. TJ's penis throbbed with every powerful thrust, his moans growing
louder as his arousal reached its peak. As the Doctor pulled out and ejaculated into TJ's hole, he quickly
shoved it back inside, coating it with his release. With a few more pumps, the Doctor triggered TJ's
orgasm, causing him to splatter his sperm all over his stomach in an explosive climax that left them
both breathless.

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