Doctor Sage, Nurse Matt & Noah
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Once Dr. Sage taught Nurse Matt a new breathing technique to use with his patients, he asked Nurse
Cindy to schedule a follow-up appointment for Noah. The doctor was curious about Noah's progress
with his breathing and how it was impacting his performance on the swim team. He also invited Nurse
Matt to join the visit so he could practice the technique on Noah.

Nurse Cindy found Noah unconscious in the exam room and quickly hooked him up to a breathing
device. As they waited for Dr. Sage to arrive, Nurse Matt was called in to assist and practice his new
medical techniques. When Dr. Sage arrived, he noticed something amiss with Noah and asked Nurse
Cindy to have Nurse Matt join them in examining the patient. Together, they assessed Noah's condition
and discussed the best course of action.

Dr. Sage instructed Noah to undress from the waist up and listen to his heartbeat. Then, Dr. Sage asked
for Nurse Matt's assistance in guiding him through a new medical procedure. He requested that Noah
remove his shorts and leave only his underwear on. Dr. Sage wanted to observe Nurse Matt's
performance as he led the procedure. He requested that Noah remove his shorts and leave only his
underwear on. Dr. Sage wanted to observe Nurse Matt's performance as he led the procedure.
The Nurse and Doctor gently guided Noah to his knees, positioning him between them. The Nurse,
known as Matt, pulled out his impressive erection and eagerly offered it to Noah's waiting mouth. With
a mix of hesitation and excitement, Noah began to tongue and suckle on the Nurse's member. Matt
moaned in pleasure, clearly enjoying this unconventional form of examination.

Meanwhile, the Doctor watched with a keen eye, taking note of every movement and reaction. He too
had an impressive size, which he presented to Noah next. As the young man took the doctor's thick
shaft into his mouth, the nurse stroked himself while watching the action unfold.

Noah couldn't help but glance up at the Nurse from time to time, seeking reassurance that he was
performing well. With each look, Matt smiled and nodded encouragingly, building Noah's confidence.
The Doctor was equally impressed with Noah's skills, and soon it was his turn to receive oral attention.
As Noah took him in his mouth, the nurse continued to stroke himself, fully immersed in the erotic
spectacle before him. Their new medical technique seemed to work wonders for both patient and
practitioners alike.

In the dimly lit examination room, Noah lay on his back while the Doctor and Nurse took turns
pleasuring him. The air was thick with the scent of arousal and sweat. The Doctor's skilled mouth
worked its way down Noah's body, leaving a trail of goosebumps in its wake. As he reached Noah's
throbbing cock, he took it eagerly into his mouth, savoring every inch of the smooth, boyish flesh.
Nurse Matt stood by, watching and gently massaging Noah's leg to ease any tension.
Feeling bolder from the intense sexual energy in the room, Nurse Matt removed his shirt to reveal a
toned chest and sculpted arms. He then joined in on the oral procedures, working alongside the Doctor
to pleasure Noah's cock. Their combined efforts had Noah moaning and groaning with pleasure. While
Noah reached over and grabbed the Nurse's cock and stroked it.
The Doctor and Nurse traded off between sucking and teasing Noah's cock, their techniques perfectly
synchronized. Each one was acutely aware of Noah's reactions, adjusting their movements to bring him
maximum pleasure. The sensation of two hot medical professionals devotedly attending to his needs 
was almost too much for Noah to handle, but he relished every second of it.
Following a thorough oral examination, the Doctor instructed Noah to turn over and bend over the
exam table. As Noah dutifully continued sucking on the doctor's cock, Nurse Matt moved in closer to
take a closer look at Noah's exposed asshole. With a small amount of spit, he began gently fingering
and exploring the tight hole with his tongue.

The Doctor took the opportunity to explain to the Nurse the importance of thoroughly preparing the
patient for the next step by ensuring they are deeply penetrated with his tongue. Satisfied that Noah was
ready, the Doctor instructed him to take deep breaths as Nurse Matt prepared to insert his impressive

With a satisfied groan, Noah eagerly welcomed Nurse Matt's impressive endowment into his tight
passage. Despite the nurse's significant size, this procedure was essential for improving the patient's
breathing abilities. Slowly and methodically, Nurse Matt navigated his cock into Noah's body, guided
by the doctor who oversaw the entire exam. With each thrust, the nurse grunted and moaned, putting
his full strength into pleasuring Noah. The deep and steady rhythm of their intimate dance only served
to enhance Noah's breathing, as he took in every inch of the nurse's cock. Meanwhile, under the
doctor's expert guidance, Noah continued to orally pleasure the Doc, adding to the intense atmosphere
of the examination room.

As the Doctor and Nurse flipped Noah onto his back, the Doctor was eager to move on to the next
phase. He knelt to inspect the work done by the Nurse, who had expertly prepared Noah's anus. The
Doctor praised the Nurse for their excellent job while enjoying a blowjob from Noah.

After examining Noah's anus, the doctor stands up and prepares his cock with lube before inserting it
into Noah's already-used hole. The doctor takes this final opportunity to ensure the patient can still
breathe before thrusting his lubed-up member into the patient's ass. With each powerful thrust, it
becomes clear that one of them is close to reaching orgasm. As Nurse Matt is getting oral satisfaction
from the patient, he prepares Noah's first dose of medication to be administered orally. Just as the nurse
climaxes and sprays his semen onto Noah's face and lips, the doctor continues to vigorously penetrate
him while announcing the arrival of the second dose of medication. He pulls out and masturbates until
he ejaculates all over the patient's rear end.

Noah's medication was so strong that after he took it, he masturbated until he ejaculated all over his
stomach. Both the Doctor and Nurse were pleased with the treatment and the doctor declared it a
success, assuring Noah that he would no longer have any breathing issues.
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