Noah & Danny Doctor Touched Me
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Noah and Danny were both anxiously awaiting the results of their exams, sitting side by side in the
exam room. As they passed the time with small talk, Danny mentioned that he had seen Noah around
before and noticed he was on the swim team. He couldn't help but compliment Noah's physique,
commenting that he looked great in his Speedos.

Danny eagerly made the first move, his hand reaching for Noah's growing bulge as their lips met in a
passionate kiss. The heat between them intensified as they explored each other's bodies. Danny stood
up and seductively removed his shorts, revealing his throbbing member and enticing Noah to suck it.
With an eager hunger, Noah took Danny's cock into his mouth and began stroking it with one hand,
while using the other to pleasure himself. But Danny wanted more - he craved the taste of Noah's cock.
He pulled down Noah's shorts, exposing his pulsating arousal, and hungrily took him into his mouth.
The two boys were lost in ecstasy, consumed by their desires for each other.

Danny stands up with a hungry look in his eyes, drawn to Noah like a moth to a flame. Their lips meet
once again, igniting a fiery passion between them. Noah's hand drops to his knees and takes Danny's
hard length into his mouth, teasing and stroking the sensitive skin with expert skill. The intensity grows
as Danny's hips buck against Noah's mouth, desperate for release. With a sense of dominance, Noah
turns Danny around and begins to prepare him for what's to come. He spits on his fingers and coats
Danny's tight entrance, slowly easing one inside and then another. His tongue follows suit, flicking and
probing at the already slick hole while Danny moans in pleasure. Noah continues this careful
exploration, driving Danny wild with need.

Danny's senses were on fire as he felt the hot, smooth tongue of the twink swimmer boy rimming his
asshole. The sensation sent shivers down his spine and ignited a primal desire within him. But Danny
wanted more than just a rim job, so he eagerly returned the favor and gave Noah a passionate blowjob,
preparing him for what was to come next. With a newfound sense of dominance, Danny took control of
the situation and eagerly explored every inch of the swimmer boy's body. He turned Noah around and
bent him over the exam table, positioning him with one leg up as he prepared to enter him. As Danny's
throbbing cock entered Noah's tight hole, both men gasped in pleasure and knew that this encounter
would be one they wouldn't soon forget.

Danny's passion ignited as he started at a slower pace, his intense gaze fixed on Noah's tight hole. With
careful precision, he eased his throbbing cock inside, feeling the heat and tightness of Noah's body
enveloping him. As their bodies moved in sync, Danny's hips rocked back and forth, pushing deeper
with each thrust. The pleasure built with every movement, sending waves of ecstasy through both boys.
Unable to contain himself any longer, Danny quickened his pace, driving his large cock deeper into
Noah's eager asshole. The rhythm became wild and primal as they lost themselves in the raw intensity
of their desire.

Danny roughly flips Noah onto his back, their bodies now slick with sweat and desire. Without
hesitation, he thrusts his hot cock into Noah's loosened hole, eliciting a sharp gasp from the younger
boy. As Danny continues to fuck him passionately, Noah instinctively reaches down to stroke his cock,
the pleasure of dual stimulation sending shivers down his spine. The heat between them is tangible as
they move together in a frenzy of lust and need.

Neither can hold out much longer - the intense pleasure building with each pump of Danny's hips and
each stroke of Noah's hand. And then it happens - with a guttural groan, Noah explodes in ecstasy, his
body convulsing as he releases a massive load of cum all over his chest and stomach. And still, Danny
doesn't let up, fucking him harder and faster until he too reaches the edge and spills his seed all over
Noah's dick and balls.

The two boys are left breathless and spent, their bodies intertwined as they bask in the afterglow of
their intense lovemaking. This was more than just physical release - it was a deep connection formed
through raw passion and unbridled desire. And in this moment, nothing else mattered except for the two
of them entwined in each other's arms

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