Doctor Sage & Nurse Matt
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Doctor Sage and Nurse Matt finally cross paths. They discuss the patient, Noah, whom Nurse Matt has cleared for the swim team. Doctor Sage introduces a new breathing exam to Nurse Matt, who is intrigued and eager to learn more about this new technique.

Doctor Sage proceeded to demonstrate the new technique to Nurse Matt, instructing him to kneel as he slowly removed his pants and revealed his penis. The scene was unusual, but also educational, and the nurse couldn't help feeling intrigued by this innovative approach.

With hesitant fingers, Nurse Matt begins to suck on the Doctor's now stiffening shaft. The Doctor gives instructions on how to properly stimulate and pleasure him while maintaining controlled breaths. It was an unusual situation, but Nurse Matt quickly adapted and soon both he and the Doctor were overcome with intense arousal. Using skilled techniques, Nurse Matt expertly teased and stroked the Doctor's throbbing cock as the Doctor focused on his breathing exercises. To advance the research, Nurse Matt is given specific instructions to carefully explore the doctor's anal cavity. With a gentle insertion of his finger, followed by the skillful use of his tongue, Nurse Matt aids in stimulating the doctor's breathing process. The nurse proves to be an expert at this task as evidenced by the doctor's visible reaction and audible moans of pleasure.

To fully demonstrate the effectiveness of this breathing exercise, the Doctor leans in close to the Nurse and whispers that he must suck on the Nurse's erect penis. The Nurse is taken aback but also intrigued by the idea. His body responds with a rush of warmth, his arousal evident as his member stands at attention. As the Doctor takes Nurse Matt's cock into his mouth, sucking and stroking it while gently massaging his balls, the Nurse feels a surge of pleasure course through him. He tries to focus on his breathing, but the sensation of the Doctor's skilled mouth working on his manhood causes him to moan and groan in ecstasy. Doctor Sage knows just how to manipulate every inch of the Nurse's throbbing cock, guiding him through each breath as they both revel in this unconventional lesson.

With anticipation and excitement, both Doctor and Nurse eagerly move on to the next step of their lesson. Nurse Matt watches in amazement as he prepares for his part, carefully applying lubricant to his finger before slowly inserting it into Doctor Sage's tight asshole. A gasp escapes from the doctor's lips as Nurse Matt guides him over to the exam table, positioning himself behind him. Slowly, Nurse Matt eases his throbbing cock into the doctor's entrance, causing a mix of pleasure and discomfort for the eager student. As the breathing exam begins, the doctor is overwhelmed with intense sensations as Nurse Matt's sizable member fills him up completely. The room is filled with heavy breathing and moans of pleasure as Nurse Matt gradually increases his pace, thrusting deeper and harder into the doctor's quivering body. With each thrust, both men are consumed by the sensations and intensity of this intimate lesson.

The nurse, now fully immersed in the lesson, flips Doctor Sage over and continues to pound his rock-hard, throbbing cock in and out of the doctor's tight hole. The intense pleasure radiates through their bodies as the nurse's huge member stretches the doctor's walls to their limit. Both lost in a frenzy of passion, they are both on the brink of ecstasy. Nurse Matt maintains his vigorous pace while Doctor Sage expertly controls his breathing, building up to an explosive climax. With a scream of pleasure, the doctor releases his load all over his abdomen, painting it with a white-hot streak of desire. Meanwhile, Nurse Matt relentlessly thrusts into the doctor's used hole, greedily chasing his release. As he nears the edge, he pulls out and shoots his hot seed all over the doctor's quivering body before bending down to lick up any remaining traces of cum from the doctor's satisfied anus.
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